A Park Only A NymphoBrainiac Could Love

Jeju Loveland (제주러브랜드) (also known as Love Land) is an outdoor sculpture park which opened in 2004 on Jeju Island in South Korea. The park is focused on a theme of sex, running sex education films, and featuring 140 sculptures representing humans in various sexual positions. It also has other elements such as large phallus statues, stone labia, and hands-on exhibits such as a “masturbation-cycle”. The park’s website describes the location as “a place where love oriented art and eroticism meet” (source: Wikipedia).

As I said, a truly nymphobrainiac themed park! I wanna take a ride!

xxx, dr.c.

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HumpDay Reading: (A) Guide to Getting it On!


There is a new sex-manual out (Guide to Getting it On, by Paul Joannides) there with some very “deep” (pun intended) intensions…this new edition includes:

15 new illustrations, five new chapters, 48 additional pages and 2,753 updates, this fully revised and expanded 6th edition of the Guide To Getting It On is the best ever. You will be hard-pressed to find a single page of this down-to-earth sex book that doesn’t bring a smile, a blush of crimson, or a moment of awe. Few books on sex are as satisfying. (Amazon review)

And the accolades continue:

No other how-to book on sex has won as many awards or is used in as many college sex-ed courses as the Guide To Getting It On.

You’ve never read a manual as warm, friendly,  liberating, thorough and potentially sex-life-changing as the Guide To Getting It On. Neither had anyone in our office, which may be why our copies keep disappearing. – OPRAH MAGAZINE



I haven’t read this book…but I definitely intend to (and will provide my full review here)…if you are interested in purchasing the book, it is available through the author’s website (http://guide2getting.com) in addition to the regular avenues (Amazon, B&N, etc.). The author’s credentials are impressive:

Dr. Paul Joannides is a training & supervising psychoanalyst and author of the Guide To Getting It On. He is on the editorial board of theJournal of Sexual Medicine and was formerly on the editorial board of the American Journal of Sexuality Education. He also writes the As You Like It blog for Psychology Today. Paul is a guest speaker on college campuses and he is an NCAA-approved speaker for college athletes on human sexuality.

The manual certainly has the ingredients to be satisfying…I am excited to see if it lives up to the fantasy!



Sex…a Personal Evolution.

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Sex is such an important part of who I am, of where I “seat” my identity, but I have to agree with this “rant” that I re-blogged…there is the dis-integrated SEX of youth and the integrated (ultimately more satisfying) SEX of maturity…and I would never trade the former for the latter. I always heard from my older female friends when I was in my 20’s (when my sex-life was legitimately great): “I swear, it gets so much better…you cannot even imagine how great sex is after 30!”…I would nod, secretly thinking, “Yeah, right.” Well, now at 38…YEAH…FUCK YEAH, THEY WERE RIGHT!

xxx conchita.


Immanuel Kant believed that we humans, because we are so emotionally complex, go through two puberties in life. The first puberty is when our bodies become mature enough for sex; the second puberty is when our minds become mature enough for sex. The two events can be separated by many, many years. Perhaps our emotional maturity comes to us only through the experiences and lessons of our youthful romantic failures. Maybe we all need to go through the anguish and errors of a first puberty, before we can ascend into the second one.

~commitment, elizabeth gilbert.

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Sex Parties: REAL-ized

Got your attention didn’t I!

But I did so with a bit of trickery…a little jest…tongue and cheek if you will.

As someone who’s been in the swing scene for more than a few years, I think I might even be considered a “seasoned swinger” at this point (yikes!), I can say that sex parties are both every naughtiest fantasy and some things you could live without EVER seeing…with a sprinkle of the purely mundane…yes, I said sex parties can be mundane!

I suppose what I am saying is…like most life experiences based on revving up our anxiety, excitement, and anticipation…sex parties live up to their hype and simultaneously fall short.

Gone are the days (the 70’s?) when mega-orgies were the norm forthe swinger scene…

Replaced by our safe-sex germaphobic modern  culture. Today, (sexual) playing is more about negotiation and less about a “fuckfest,” and with good reason.

Don’t get me wrong there’s a whole lot passion simply oozing from every orifice at these events…and as you enter, you are struck by a menagerie of sexual displays, but delving deeper you will find that most of the sex is occurring between committed couples and semi-monogamous foursomes or moresomes.

Admittedly, sex parties of today are perhaps relatively tame from a fantasy perspective, yet extremely attractive from a modern adult perspective. I feel good knowing that the sexuality around me is mindful (condoms abound), that those playing set and respect limits (“no thank you,” isn’t a dirty phrase)…this type of indulgence is one where I can at least feel comfortable exploring some of my more wild desires in a safe manner…and have!

I wrote this entry for a couple reasons, not to be a buzzkill (although maybe I have been, and apologies if so), rather to relate an honest and less flashy account of what it’s like  to attend an event like this.

Yes I imagine I have stolen some of the anticipation, but hopefully have also assuaged some fears because if you are curious about events such as these and have a certain someone or someones who would be ready and willing to explore with you…I think you should…I did, do, and…ENJOY THEM TO THE FULLEST, in MY way, with MY boundaries intact…and I encourage you to go forth and do likewise:

CELEBRATE SEXUALLY…and consciously!

I am off to do just that this weekend with my girlfriend, but THAT is another entry.

Good night, it’s good to be back…speaking from my mind, heart, and psyche…with YOU!

xxx c.

Sex Toy Tuesday (#8): Ass-ure way to enjoy anal play!

After a mighty fine weekend of expressing some seriously pent-up sexual desire (no worries, I will blog about that later in the week)…I find myself, on this SEX TOY TUESDAY, thinking about sex “extras” or those accoutrement that make erotic play more enjoyable overall…and in meditating about lubricants, bullets, etc…my mind wandered to one product that has been essential to facilitating that type of sexual play that some of us find aversive:


Yes, I said it. And I am here to say that there are ways (methods) to make anal sex quite pleasant and even downright hot (and not painful) if done with care.

*NOTE: For those interested in educating themselves further on the ins-and-outs of anal sex, I confidently refer you to Tristen Taormino‘s site/DVD’s, Burning Angel.com, she is sexy, assured, and above all extremely knowledgeable about anal sex and how to ensure that anal is: safe, painless, and pleasureful!

What makes it Hot for me? Well other than employing some of Tristan’s helpful techniques…the most helpful anal-sex-aide for me has been:


Why? Well there are few reason…it is MINTY FRESH, a quality that one of the popular brands plays on:

Sexual HER-ASS-MINT…I do love a good play on words, as you know…But seriously, this product and those like it have many positive attributes:

  1. Minty fresh scent and flavor (although it’s not tat tasty die to the paste-like texture I think).
  2. Consistency the texture of paste, ensures that the product stays-put.
  3. A cooling sensation, from the mint, that desensitizes the anal-area without causing sensation loss for your male-partner (this is an important quality as other numbing products such as Anal Ease can create a issue related to being too-numb).

And so…with that, on this Sunny (NYC) Sex Toy Tuesday…I beg you to go forward with you sexual-endeavors, mindfully of course, and do not be afraid to…to something…a little new…different…maybe it’s just a matter of having the right…help…to ease into it…so to speak!

Okay enough with my silly puns,

Enjoy your day & Happy Sex! xxx c.