Sex Parties: REAL-ized

Got your attention didn’t I!

But I did so with a bit of trickery…a little jest…tongue and cheek if you will.

As someone who’s been in the swing scene for more than a few years, I think I might even be considered a “seasoned swinger” at this point (yikes!), I can say that sex parties are both every naughtiest fantasy and some things you could live without EVER seeing…with a sprinkle of the purely mundane…yes, I said sex parties can be mundane!

I suppose what I am saying is…like most life experiences based on revving up our anxiety, excitement, and anticipation…sex parties live up to their hype and simultaneously fall short.

Gone are the days (the 70’s?) when mega-orgies were the norm forthe swinger scene…

Replaced by our safe-sex germaphobic modern  culture. Today, (sexual) playing is more about negotiation and less about a “fuckfest,” and with good reason.

Don’t get me wrong there’s a whole lot passion simply oozing from every orifice at these events…and as you enter, you are struck by a menagerie of sexual displays, but delving deeper you will find that most of the sex is occurring between committed couples and semi-monogamous foursomes or moresomes.

Admittedly, sex parties of today are perhaps relatively tame from a fantasy perspective, yet extremely attractive from a modern adult perspective. I feel good knowing that the sexuality around me is mindful (condoms abound), that those playing set and respect limits (“no thank you,” isn’t a dirty phrase)…this type of indulgence is one where I can at least feel comfortable exploring some of my more wild desires in a safe manner…and have!

I wrote this entry for a couple reasons, not to be a buzzkill (although maybe I have been, and apologies if so), rather to relate an honest and less flashy account of what it’s like  to attend an event like this.

Yes I imagine I have stolen some of the anticipation, but hopefully have also assuaged some fears because if you are curious about events such as these and have a certain someone or someones who would be ready and willing to explore with you…I think you should…I did, do, and…ENJOY THEM TO THE FULLEST, in MY way, with MY boundaries intact…and I encourage you to go forth and do likewise:

CELEBRATE SEXUALLY…and consciously!

I am off to do just that this weekend with my girlfriend, but THAT is another entry.

Good night, it’s good to be back…speaking from my mind, heart, and psyche…with YOU!

xxx c.

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