The Vanilla Party: A Study in Sweet Irony

NymphoBrainiacs strive to explore, indulge, and understand all things erotic…so when I heard about a new underground artistically-themed NYC alt event…November 16th’s The Vanilla Party: Aftermath…I knew I had to indulge. And while I am happy to report that there was nothing “vanilla” about this kinky evening…there was far more than even I expected. As creator SaxDMA explains TVP is:

NYC’s Latest Alternative Art and Fashion Interaction Attraction Alternative & Peculiar Performances of Epic Proportion

Yes, it sounds boastful…yet, TVP delivers! The crowd is a mix of downtown eclectic with a goth influence and a fetish feel. The performances repel as much as they seduce…and an overall vibe that collectively encouraged collaboration (artistic..and otherwise) amongst its guests. The next installment will be late winter/early fall and is not to be missed! xxx dr.c.

Are You a Vagina-Man or a Cunt-Man?

“Black, White, and Sex” (2012) is sometimes provocative and confronting, sometimes tender, poignant and sexy. The film takes you behind the scenes and into a sex worker‘s very special world. There’s a question here for every man and an answer for every woman. Anyone who pays is welcome – but leave your expectations at the door sex is never black and white.

THIS SCENE, specifically introduces an interesting topic:


And here I use the term as both verb and noun, both an act and part of the female sex-anatomy.

The character in the film clip above explains the difference between vagina-men and cunt-men through the analogy of “wetness”…pronouncing that only a cunt-man can tolerate a woman’s wetness, whereas the vagina-man wishes to immediately rid himself by showering after sex. She goes on to explain that a woman’s wetness can never be simply washed off, because,

“a woman is wet all over, inside and out.”

I love this.

Not only because we all know how hot it is when our lover doesn’t wash immediately after sex, but because this is truly about men who truly love womenall of them…all that is deep and foreign and different from themselves. To me, THAT is a cunt-man…a man who accepts, celebrates, and even indulges in female-sexuality as a unique and integrated aspect of WHO SHE IS. It’s not about her cunt/pussy/vagina/nana/coochie…it’s about her FEMALENESS.


I for one…could only love a cunt-man.

xxx Dr.C.

Thank you Christian, for this enlightening piece of cinema!

(Image by:

I am so Wet…I Blame it on the Rain!

9weeks_1698185aThe Rain Scene in 9 1/2 weeks is…one of the hottest scenes ever filmed.

(click link below to view scene)

9 1/2 weeks sex scene in rain by poisonhart


“Love like rain, can nourish from above, drenching couples with a soaking joy. But sometimes under the angry heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nourish from below, tending to its roots keeping itself alive.” -Paul Coelho


“I love you because no two snowflakes are alike, and it is possible, if you stand tippy-toe, to walk between the raindrops.” – Nikki Giovanni


“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” – Roger Miller


“The only noise now was the rain, pattering softly with the magnificent indifference of nature for the tangled passions of humans.” – Sherwood Smith


“If people were rain i was a drizzle and she was a hurricane.” – John Green


“I had gotten so used to the taste of rain that I forgot what the sun tasted like. Bittersweet.” – Anne Patrick

There is just something about the rain…about being wet in general…it’s like slippery sweet sex…(and yes those last two images are me) xxx c.

Porn Just Doesn’t Turn HER On…But HE Loves it!


Porn is a sticky subject for a lot of us (yes I meant to be pun-ny).

We have our social views:
Everyone watches it!

We have our personal views:
Porn is cheesy, but it gets the job done.

We have our political views:
Porn doesn’t accurately reflect any sex I have ever had or will have…ever.

But I recently saw a political cartoon concerning lesbians, sex, and porn:


The idea was, if you are anti-gay how can you watch “lesbian-porn

And it got me thinking:

When we watch two women have sex in porn are we in any way equating it with lesbian sex?


Do we equate ANY sexy we see in porn with real-life sex?

And do the answers to those questions differ by gender and sexual orientation?

Better question:

Does ANY woman relate to the women in porn from a sexual standpoint?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that while I think men (straight and gay) in some manner do relate to porn (they are after all able to “insert” themselves into the scene during masturbation, at the very least) I do NOT think that women relate, at least not on the same level.

Now let me clarify, I am not talking about alt or lesbian or feminist (yes I made one of those) porn, I am speaking of mainstream-porn.

So now the question becomes:

Why don’t we (women) relate?
Because the women in porn don’t look like us? Fuck like us? Orgasm like us?
But, do the men in porn fuck like any men we know? No, not really…

Here we get to the core of the matter, the hilt, while men I think would like to imagine that they fuck like porn stars, women aren’t particularly turned-on at all by the sex-scenes portrayed in the majority of mainstream porn (and yet women are still buying vibrators, it’s not like we aren’t masturbating as much as men, just not to porn).



This weekend I watched A Room in Rome (a totally female driven extremely sexual film about two women who are lovers), with a another woman and a man. There were multiple graphic sex scenes in the film; in fact the majority of the film is about sex and desire.

To me, these sex scenes were hot.

To her these sex scenes were hot.

To him these sex scenes were…boring.

Why the stark difference in opinion? Because when women watch sex, we want reality because passion is the most important (or one of the most important) component(s) to arrousal and orgasm for us. And when men watch sex, they want non-reality, fantasy.

Q_Sexy-Blue jeans

I am suggesting here that for men stepping out of the day-to-day is part of the pleasure of sex and masturbation, whereas for many women the pleasure is in actually indulging in reality…making it more real…we fantasize about actual lovers or those we wish were our lovers…men fanaticize about women they will never meet.

YES, I know I am over-generalizing and certainly women fantasize about dream-lovers and porn stars and men masturbate to their current real-life lovers. But the interesting and meaningful point to this tangent is that women and men conceive of arousal in sex and masturbation differently, and porn is just a reflection of that:

Why is female-based porn not a huge seller?
We don’t need it.

Why is male-based porn one of the largest industries in this country?
They need it.

So I suppose the real issue isn’t about porn vs. reality, rather it’s about real differences between men and women. And while women all to often get offended when men get turned-on by superficial fantasies, and men appear baffled by what women find arousing…once again we return to a repeating theme:

It’s about accepting and respecting differences and preferences when it comes to sex…variety is, after all, the spice of life. And in the end I really don’t care HOW you get turned-on just THAT you get turned on!

xxx dr.c.

Written in…BLOOD!

“No one ever thinks of how much blood it costs.”Dante Alighieri

The raw sensuality of the underground club scene is immediately evident as we follow an unsuspecting human as he stumbles through the crowd of increasingly aggressive (and as yet un-revealed) vamps…The techno beats hit hard…and drop-by-drop…it starts to rain…BLOOD!

BLOOD begins to spew from the warehouse’s sprinkler system and what was once a night out dancing has become a blood bath of flesh and fiends writhing in the gore.

One female vamp purrs to the human, “What’s wrong baby?” And is answered with a frightened shriek…as the vampires reveal their fangs in what we are to expect will soon become a feeding frenzy. Until, crawling through the blood soaked floor, our human comes upon a savior…BLADE.

The blood bath scene from Blade (1998) is a favorite, and arguably one of the most dramatic opening scenes of any film.

This may seem an odd way to return to blogging…after my weeks of absence, but sometimes what inspires is hardly predictable or easily understood…rather it should be grasped, held, and swiftly expressed!

It’s nice to be back. Thank you, to the writing Gods and Goddesses who have once again…returned to me. And a very heartfelt THANK YOU to those friends who have quietly nudged.

“Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.”  ~E.L. Doctorow

See you a little later, for a return to The Dungeon!



Mae West: A Moment for One Hell of a Woman…(& a tribute to her predecessor)

She was never considered a great or classic beauty; she was a hell of a lot more…

Mae West was BEAUTIFUL.

Mae was arguably the first female sex symbol to embrace her sexuality and translate it as subjective, rather than objective.

She was a man-eater, unabashedly.

Yet even in her provocative manner, Miss West always seemed to take sex and sexuality, lightly.

She had fun with it.

Her double entendres became her signature and, I presume, made her masculine-like manner more acceptable to the general public.

This was no victim to her gender. Mae West was fully in control of her body and her desires.

As a child, my mother and I would watch “old movies” on the classics channel Sunday afternoons, and together we saw many of Miss West’s films (she was also a screenwriter and playwright).

She was, far and above, my favorite “black and white” film actress. I loved how she backed her manifest sex appeal with aggressively suggestive humor.

I spent many a Sunday evening donning my mother’s “fancy dresses” and high heels, mugging in front of the mirror, mimicking that slight sneer she always wore.

Reflecting now, I realize that I saw my mother as Mae West:

She was also sexy-strong. My mother was never pretty, she was handsome. My mother never vied for dates, she chose.

Funny when we discover the origins of who we really are, in the shadows of media…only to then realize the true influence was there from the beginning.

This post began as a moment for Mae West, and ended as a tribute to MY MOTHER who always was, and still is:


xxx c.

INK: Whose Body, Whose Art?

A tattoo is an affirmation: that this body is yours to have and to enjoy while you’re here. Nobody else can control what you do with it.

DON ED HARDY, Douglas Kent Hall‘s Prison Tattoos

There is this amazing documentary on Ed Hardy and his training, as a fine artist (surprising considering, I know). He is a fascinating and very talented man…and despite his mainstream success, he is truly an outlaw at heart. This documentary tackles the question of tattoos as culture, as rebellion, as expression, as destruction, as statement, as symbol, as high art.
xxx c.