Pastease…Gets Personal


Repost via The Examiner interview (by Sarah Afshar):

When it comes to embracing freedom in a fun and sexy way, Pastease knows all about it. Created over a decade ago, this amazing pasties brand lets your spirit shine proudly. Whether you are a burlesque dancer, an exotic dancer, a raver or just a regular gal looking to spice up your love life, Pastease allows you to explore your inner tease. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Stephanie from Pastease. Here is what she had to tell me…

Sarah Afshar: Hello Stephanie. How are you? Tell me a little more about the Pastease brand…

Stephanie Pastease: I’m doing great! How are you? Pastease is our online business, we make self adhesive nipple pasties. All of our styles are made with medical grade, latex free, waterproof adhesive. We’ve been making these since 2002 in the good ole USA!

SA: Behind every great creative genius lies a major source of inspiration, a major source of influence. I have to ask, what inspired you to create Pastease?

SP: My husband used to frequent the Lake Havasu scene. Women were getting ticketed for going topless regularly. Todd started looking into the various laws around the US regarding toplessness. As it turns out, most states only require the nipple to be covered for women to go topless. The idea was born! He originally started selling them in small quantities, the sales would cover beer and gas money for a weekend out on the lake. From there, he grew the brand by creating a website and attending various Lingerie Trade Shows. Several distributors picked up Pastease brand Pastease. From that point on the brand has steadily grown.

You offer an array of pasties in so many themes and varieties. What are the most popular right now? We offer a huge variety of shapes and styles, there’s something for everyone on our site. We have a few styles that are popular year round and others that are that gain popularity around upcoming holidays. Right now our Leaves, Pizza, Red Glitter Hearts, Aliens, and Shamrocks are super popular!

SA: Everyone from burlesque dancers to ravers to exotic dancers to regular women (like myself) use pasties from the Pastease brand. Let’s not forget the men who love them too. As a fan of the brand, I think it is so amazing.

SP: Thank you! We love that we have such a diverse group of women and men that enjoy Pastease.

SA: I noticed that you have a special line called Tease. Tell me a little more about this line and how it is different from the pasties already available through the Pastease brand…

SP: We started Tease about a year ago. We wanted to offer a product that would reach out to a different end user. Pastease has bright, crazy packaging that doesn’t always speak out to the bride to be or the woman trying pasties for the first time. This time around, we went with fashion forward packaging and styles with a more seductive look and feel. Pastease is all about Sexy Fun Freedom. Tease is all about Soulful Seduction. In the end, we found that a lot of the same people enjoy Tease as much as they enjoy Pastease. A lot of the stores we sell to are selling both lines, as well. I have found when showing the two lines at trade shows, to friends and family that they usually gravitate towards one package or the other though. Internet shopping and shopping at your local favorite boutique are two different experiences. I think it’s only when shopping and touching the different packages is when the underlying themes and packages call out to different people. Both lines are made with love and the same medical grade adhesive.

SA: When it comes to creativity, it is definitely in your forte. I can tell that when you created the merkins, you definitely embraced it in more ways than one. For those women reading this interview, can you explain what pasties are?

SP: We started making the merkins for people that wanted to bare as much as possible. Our strapless bikinis are for those that love rocking micro bikinis. We fondly call Pastease + merkin a strapless bikini. Merkins are meant to be worn over the bikini area, but we’ve found that a lot of customers like wearing them as a triangle top bikini. Like most of our Pastease fans, we found that people come up with the most creative of uses for our products. The merkin also works great as a pant liner for those wanting to go commando, but want to feel a little less naked, just peel and stick to the inside of your pants. I’ve also had a marathon runner use the merkins on the inside of his thighs for prevention of chaffing.

SA: Can you really customize your own pair of pasties? Tell me a little more about this…

SP: Yes, you can! For many years we’ve been custom imprinting large quantities of Pastease for the topless pools in Vegas as well as, the various business, parties, clubs, personalities, etc. We now offer customs to anyone wanting as little as 5 pair. You can visit our custom page here. It’s super easy to order, pick your shape, color and upload the image you’d like! Since we started offering them in smaller quantities, we’ve done them for birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.

SA: So, if a guy who is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, a Denver Broncos fan, a New England Patriots fan, or a fan of anything that includes specific fan colors decides to surprise his wife, fiancé, girlfriend, or friend with pasties that represent those colors, he can do that?

SP: He sure can! We offer a large variety of sports themed colors. We had a lot of requests for these over the years and our sports fans are happy to see these.

SA: Other than the official website, where can you find Pastease pasties?

SP: Pastease are available all over the web. They are available at:,,,,, and so many more!

SA: When it comes to sizes, you offer virtually every size for every woman out there. I just love that you embrace diversity. I have to ask, what do you think about the diversity in the lingerie industry?

SP: What’s not to love about diversity?! Sexiness comes in all shapes and sizes. We love offering something that brings out the inner goddess in us all. By offering so many shapes and sizes, I feel we are able to ignite the inner tease in every woman out there. I think the lingerie industry offers a lot of diversity. Black lace is no longer the only sexy thing out there for women. You see everything from neon fishnets body suits to sheer vintage style babydolls that are sexy. We, of course make a Pastease that can be paired with any piece of lingerie.

SA: How can pasties spice up your love life?

SP: Pastease are great for spicing up your love life. Some of my favorite tips and stories for turning up the heat are get one of our glow styles and play glow tag or turn all the lights off and come into a room with two bouncing stars or hearts. Here’s a video I did a few years back about our glow styles. Another idea is to put a pair on before a date night. Let your partner know what you have on at dinner or maybe even text them a picture. The excitement and heat will continue to brew until you are able to rock out with your pasties later that night. Most importantly, Pastease make the person wearing them feel sexy, sultry and empowered. When we feel good, we look good. When we feel sexy, the world can hear our silent purrs. Pasties are the equivalent to getting a new sexy matching bra and panty, no one needs to see them or know you have them on for you to feel good. Sometimes we just need to turn up the heat for ourselves.

SA: For all of those women reading this interview, what would you like them to know? What is next for Pastease?

SP: I want every woman on the planet to know she is nothing short of a goddess. Love yourself, take care of yourself, nurture yourself, compliment yourself, and fix up for yourself. We live in a time where advertising leads us to being sexy for others, impressing others, be any and everything for others, but that is so wrong. When you love yourself, that love radiates out of you and shines onto the world around you. Know that. Embrace rocking your inner goddess and everything will fall into play perfectly. When I honor myself, my attractions, do, wear and eat things that make me feel good, I feel and look my best. What’s next for Pastease? I can’t give you all my secrets. You can expect a bunch of sexy, fun styles over the next few months and of course more shiny, sexy things too! I’ll just say there is something for everyone in our next set of new styles, the foodie, the hippie, the disco queen and so much more.

Pamela Anderson: Using Nudity…Cruelty Free!

Like her or not, Pamela Anderson is a cultural sex icon.

And in her latest incarnations, she has been more inclined to shed her clothing for the “betterment” of animal treatment than in the pages of “girly mags”, most notably for PETA and her own non-profit the Pamela Anderson Foundation . Most recently, Anderson has paired with French footwear designer Amélie Pichard on an all-vegan capsule collection and the ads…well, the ads are pure Pamela:

980x (4)

Selections from her Paper magazine interview:

You’ve worked with animal rights for such a long time. Why did you decide that now was a good time to collaborate on this retail line?

Vegan compassion is sexy. And I miss the fun! Being a woman is fun! Being a man is fun! No rules. I’m not the designer. Celebrities are not designers. I don’t like the word “celebrity,” since people can be famous for no good reason in this social media culture. Activism is fun.

What is beauty? It is any age. It is timeless. It’s hard to be glamorous in this digital world. I wish we still lived in black and white. People were more beautiful.


980x (3)

We have to know the past, to think of the future. We live in paradise. Politicians are telling us it’s OK. Media prints what politicians say. It’s not OK. We have to take charge, demonstrate.Act up! Beware people that repeat themselves over and over. It is a brainwashing trick used by Hitler.

All we can do as humans, as consumers, is search for the truth on our own… Go vegan if you can. Or at least eat less meat.

I wanted to contribute to fashion and beauty to offer cruelty-free fun choices. I have my compassionate lifestyle brand,, that I keep adding to, and this vegan shoe line made in France with Amélie Pichard.

980x (2)

Many of the looks have very much a beachy, Malibu vibe. Why did you decide on this aesthetic?

Pammies has a very beachy vibe. Just chill on the beach with dogs, kids, friends: the real me. The (footware) line is a twist on the ’90s image. Why not enjoy it all? Embrace it.

980x (1)

The shoes have glitter on the soles, which is unexpected. What was the reasoning behind that design choice? Which one of you came up with that?

Ha! I came up with that. When I come home after a night out with friends, the bottoms of my shoes are always covered in glitter — like the rest of me. My friends are all artists. They like to play arts and crafts with me. I go out in one outfit and come home in a variation sometimes. Never give [photographer] David LaChapelle scissors (and tequila).


I’ve read that Amélie Pichard calls you her muse. How does it feel that your style and career has impacted someone like that?

It’s an honor. I’m flattered. It’s funny. She is so young and stylish. I find a lot of talented young artists her age; directors, etc. I’m fine with the new indie film and fashion babies. I’m excited to be working so much. I love to work hard, and I have a lot of fun being a muse. It just means I have to be me — that’s my job! I feel like I’ll keep working forever.

It’s a great time for me right now. My kids are grown. I’m so proud of them, and they are very proud of Mom. It’s very freeing to still be able to be myself. What a relief. And, to have my kids’ approval, respect and love is all I need. I even have a man in my life that gets me like never before. That is everything!

We will change the world. All of us. We all just need to do our part. And feel loved. That’s when we are at our best. I wish that for everyone. We have paradise beneath our feet. We must change to a green economy, and things will get better. More equality.

It’s fun; it’s innovative. We are all the architects of a new world. Maybe a new religion: loving the planet and all its beings. Let the ocean regenerate itself. And save the rainforest.

Bless everyone. I hope you can find your purpose like I have. A wild journey.


Pamela Anderson is 48 years old. (I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.)

Yes, she looks fantastic…but more than that I applaud her for leveraging what may be considered an exploited commodity (her body) to benefit a cause she has championed for decades.

Pammy, she will always be my fantasy…Dr.NB.

Pastease Does Stevie Boi for NYFW 2016

FullSizeRender (11)

Pastease at the Stevie Boi NYFW 2016 show

“Covering” Pastease for NYFW 2016 was a bit of a paradox…I think, you would agree.

pastease_with_faces_new (1)

But pairing Pastease brand pasties (aka nipple covers with style) with the youthful edgy feel of accessory designer Stevie Boi’s looks proved a perfect fit!1454713692

Pastease has recently enjoyed more mainstream acceptance as fashion inches toward styles that flaunt more body than they clothe, and their inclusion in New York Fashion Week this year is a reflection of that shift.

Screen shot 2016-02-15 at 2.48.32 PM

Stevie Boi, the designer behind SB Shades (a luxury eyewear collection), lived up to his hype as fashion’s new rock star…his line was full of easy confidence, earthy urban chic, and attitude to spare..reflecting the body positive, flirty fun, that Pastease has come to represent.

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender


The show on it’s own, was spectacular…but that’s not what intrigued me. No. The biggest surprise about the Stevie Boi CABIN collection, aside from the sumptuous designs, was the attendees. I admit, I arrived with my own stereotypes about the fashion community…snotty, elitist, cliquey (you get the idea)…however, I was rather quickly proven wrong. My snap judgments had no place at this gathering of truly creative, positive, artistic, open, and collaborative people!

IMG_5857 IMG_5797 IMG_5793 IMG_5790

FullSizeRender (3)


So, I walked into this NYFW show as a nervous outsider…

FullSizeRender (12)

and walked out with some badass kitty-kat glasses (care of SB Shades),

FullSizeRender (7)

new Pastease fans, and a completely reconfigured appreciation for the fashion community as just that: an artistic community that values collaboration and variation.

FullSizeRender (10)

It was affirming.

I can say that I truly enjoyed this amazing opportunity to represent a company (and people) I love, Pastease, because of the attitude of openness and positivity that marks all that they produce…and at the end of the day, I found that like-attracts-like…so keep spreading that love PASTEASE, one nipple at a time!

– Dr. Pastease (aka Dr. NymphoBrainiac)





Give Me 10 Minutes…I Will Show You My Fantasy

Sometimes the night lends itself to playful imaginings…

Sometimes…I have to undress in order to play dress-up…

For you.

This night I mingled fantasies with at Webster Hall’s in famous Trash party, with host Kris Khaos…

and what a lovely time we had mixing nothing but


Jeffery Campbell,


sound equipment,

a mic,

 and a tongue.

HOMEBODY_089_grainy_lips HOMEBODY_090_bw HOMEBODY_094_bw_lips HOMEBODY_095_bw_lips

Thank you for loaning me your lens…and cheers to weekend memories

xxx conchita.

4/25/12 is Denim Day: Sexual Violence Prevention & Education Campaign

Sure…Brooke was sexy in her Calvins, she was also only 14 years old. And so goes the constant dialectic for women:


A woman is forced to be either a saint or a sinner, but never JUST a WOMAN…or stated more comprehensively:


Today is DENIM DAY, after a landmark case in Italy involving  an 18-year old girl is picked up by her married 45-year old driving instructor for her very first lesson. He takes her to an isolated road, pulls her out of the car, wrestles her out of one leg of her jeans and forcefully rapes her. Threatened with death if she tells anyone, he makes her drive the car home.

Later that night she tells her parents, and they help and support her to press charges. The perpetrator gets arrested and is prosecuted. He is convicted of rape and sentenced to jail. He appeals the sentence. The case makes it’s all the way to the Italian Supreme Court. Within a matter of days the case against the driving instructor is overturned, dismissed, and the perpetrator released.

In a statement by the Chief Judge he argued,

“because the victim wore very, very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them, and by removing the jeans it was no longer rape but consensual sex.”

Enraged by the verdict, within a matter of hours the women in the Italian Parliament launched into immediate action and protested by wearing jeans to work. This call action motivated and emboldened the California Senate and Assembly to do the same.

Today  asks that:

community members, elected officials, businesses and students to make a social statement with their fashion statement and on this day wear jeans as a visible means of protest against misconceptions that surround sexual assault.

I  am wearing my denim today…

And my boss just commented, “What’s this all about?!? You never wear jeans during the week.”

And…I told him about Denim Day, it’s meaning and purpose.

And now, one more person knows.

Awareness carries power, so no matter how insignificant you may feel your contribution, one person…tells another….tells another…tells…another…and somewhere along the line change begins to occur.

Think big. Start small.

xxx c.

P.S. we will have a Thrilling Thursday….tomorrow.

Sexy Fun Post Mastectomy Style With PASTEASE!

Pastease makes fun and sassy nipple coverings for us girls that wanna walk on the wilder side! Stephanie, works at Pastease and really is such a positive and compassionate woman; to that end, she recently posted a video concerning special order Pastease for woman who have had mastectomy surgery or any other type of surgery on their breast/s. Such a great idea…and take a look…because nothing should limit us from being exhibitionists! xxx c.

Stephanie shares styles that are made with extra love and care for those embracing life after a mastectomy. We get a few heart felt emails a year about women wanting to rock out with their breasts out post reconstructive surgery. We got you covered. Feeling self conscious of your scars? We’re here to help. Cheers to a healthy, sexy, fun future! 

Visit to check out all 140+ styles.

Subscribe to our youtube channel to stay abreast on the latest Pastease news. Follow us on twitter, Pastease. Like us on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Pastease.


“The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off.” Jean Cocteau

As much as I adore the pomp and circumstance of fashion, I am never happier than when I am in fact OUT-OF clothing = nude.

But, I have come to appreciate the PROCESS of undressing…the sensuality of the striptease, if you will. If you have ever been to a burlesque show, you know exactly what I speak of.

Burlesque is neither about:

  1. The amazing costume (or)
  2. Full nudity

Rather, it is about the STRIP…the TEASE.

And there is art in that…hell there is seduction in that!

And so with this new understanding, or perhaps just an alternate interpretation of “undressing”, I invite you to indulge a bit in the transition…from beautifully adorned in that deliciously tight, sexy dress…to fantastically nude.

Sounds delectable…doesn’t it?!?

xxx c.