Sex…a Personal Evolution.

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Sex is such an important part of who I am, of where I “seat” my identity, but I have to agree with this “rant” that I re-blogged…there is the dis-integrated SEX of youth and the integrated (ultimately more satisfying) SEX of maturity…and I would never trade the former for the latter. I always heard from my older female friends when I was in my 20’s (when my sex-life was legitimately great): “I swear, it gets so much better…you cannot even imagine how great sex is after 30!”…I would nod, secretly thinking, “Yeah, right.” Well, now at 38…YEAH…FUCK YEAH, THEY WERE RIGHT!

xxx conchita.


Immanuel Kant believed that we humans, because we are so emotionally complex, go through two puberties in life. The first puberty is when our bodies become mature enough for sex; the second puberty is when our minds become mature enough for sex. The two events can be separated by many, many years. Perhaps our emotional maturity comes to us only through the experiences and lessons of our youthful romantic failures. Maybe we all need to go through the anguish and errors of a first puberty, before we can ascend into the second one.

~commitment, elizabeth gilbert.

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