Mark, my boyfriend completely FEELING “The Walking Dead” Compendium I (issues 1-48)…yeah, I did good!

I highly recommend these comics, the series…not just for all of you horror and zombie lovers…this series is for anyone who loves a compelling interpersonal DRAMA! xxx c

I just gifted my boyfriend this Compendium for The Walking Dead (issues 1-48) and I can’t wait to steal it back and read it! After just a peek and picking his brain (pun intended), as he has already dug into it, it seems that this original comic book series deviates enough from the Cable series (my introduction to the story) that no real spoilers will happen if read before seeing the much anticipated second season.

I got it at (of course) and here is what they have to say:

Over 1000 pages of zombieliciousness

Tired of those “new” zombies like in 28 Days Later or the remake of Dawn of the Dead? Everyone knows that REAL zombies do not run; real zombies shamble. If you’re a fan of real zombies, you’re going to love The Walking Dead, if you aren’t already familiar with it. Bra111nzzzzIt’s a saga by Robert Kirkman that expands on the original zombie tale started by George Romero in 1968. Follow former police officer Rick Grimes and his crew as they explore a world infected with the Walking Dead sickness. But best of all – even more that zombies! – The Walking Dead weaves a tale of what happens to a society that’s been torn apart and lost its laws, morals, and standards. More than just guts and gore, the saga of The Walking Dead is so compelling that you’ll have a hard time putting it down.

A compilation of issues 1 though 48 (or Books 1 through 4, or volumes 1 through 8) of the The Walking Dead.

  • Author: Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn

  • Publisher: Image comics

  • ISBN: 978-1607060765

  • Pages: 1088

  • Covertype: Trade paperback

  • Year: 2009

  • Edition: 1st

  • Genre: Horror – Comic

Since I always prefer written-drawn text to the filmed-visual interpretation…I am REALLY looking forward to reading the comic!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas, xxx c

I started reading STILL ALICE, by Lisa Genova, yesterday and I cannot put it down…as evidence by my dinner partners…my Nook and my Bunny aka “e-book holder”…no comment on my dinner choice please it’s called comfort food! 

This book takes a first hand look at Alzheimer’s Disease in a comparatively young woman, from HER perspective and it is stunning! Both brave and heart breaking this is a MUST READ for anyone and everyone who wishes to understand themselves better…this is certainly a novel about what makes us human, and what happens when those elements are slowly taken away from us…it is a study of the human condition more than anything else….POWERFUL! xxx c

Picked up this 100-pager to read on the short flight from NYC-SC and back again…it really is an excellent read and  I will be reading much more from The Drake Sisters Series.

The novella is a thriller/romance/horror high-bred full of intrigue, great character development and SEX! A perfect mix if I do say so myself, pick it up and enjoy…oh and for all of you Nook readers, it’s available for download at less than $2!

Here is a short excerpt:

Her eyes saw too much, saw into him where he didn’t want to be seen. He wanted to look away but he couldn’t seem to pull his gaze from hers. (Magic in the Wind, Christine Feehan)

Think Party of Five, with a house populated by seven empathic temptresses with brilliance, wit, and supernatural abilities and you have The Drake Sisters.

Sounds great to me!

I cannot wait to read the next one, xxx c

With great erotic horror fiction writers like:

  • Laurell K. Hamilton
  • Charlaine Harris
  • MaryJanice Davidson
  • Angela Knight
  • Vickie Taylor

Bite (2005) is the perfect collection of Vampire Erotica to keep you toasty on a Halloween Night, here’s a taste:

Liam groaned again and shifted his hands to her hips, helping her to find a rhythm they both liked. She bent forward and bit him at the neck; she couldn’t help it. He shivered and moved against her faster and she met this thrusts with his own urgency. Oh glory, it was wonderful to with someone again, to have that connection, to feed, to be fucked. Liam was giving her everything she longed for, all at once. It was almost too much; for a moment she was nearly delirious happiness. the she realized she has mistaken her orgasm for delirium. (MaryJanice Davidson, Biting in Plain Sight)

I hope it warms you…as much as it did me! xxx c