Sex Toy Tuesday: Having a ball with the ball-gag!

This weekend I finally got  gagged!

I know some of you may have been waiting for the opportunity for while (haha)  but it was the beautiful goddess Mistress Kat Fortra ( who had the honor during our performance for Chriss Vargas PeepShow 3 at the infamous Pacha NYC!

Yes, that is video from the performance above and an image below…and yes I with go into the experience in further detail, but back to the Sex-Toy tuesday task at hand!

It had be awhile since I had been subjected to a ball gag…having used one more than a couple times in my work as a domina, and before that as a model for an “adult-toy” website, and I recalled it as a slobbery and humorous if humiliating experience on the whole. BUT…here I was with a brand new toy…a show to do and like 6 attachments for my shiny new black ball gag! Time to woman-up and use it damnit!

And so I did (as the footage attests).

this ball gag was a bit different than others I had both employed and enjoyed. It had a ring around the rim so that you could hold onto it with your teeth without drooling like a mad-dog…this was an asset as it may have been bad if I flung spittle all over the Pacha crowd…although they might have liked it…those sick fucks. Anyway, that was a nice adjustment to the gag, also the face strap was wide and secure serving as a platform for all manner of butting and straining I might want to do (AND DID) with the attachments which included:

1. A leash…LOVE!

2. A duster

3. A brush

4. An ashtray

6. And…my personal fav’…A LARG BLACK DILDO!

We chose to use numbers one and six…and I think the crowd enjoyed the show…I def revelled in playing with them on…with one exception:


Ah…but such is the price of a REALLY GREAT SEX-TOY…and well worth it, if I do say so myself!

Happy Sex-Toy Tuesday!!! xxx c

Sex Toy Tuesday: A *G.T.D.W.G.* Special Edition…with a CHERRY on top!

Tonight…I can’t seem to get cherries out of my mind.

Perhaps, it has something to do with the upcoming  G.irlz T.hat D.ance W.ith G.irlz ( G.T.D.W.G. party THIS THURSDAY in downtown NYC.

These monthly events are so very special to me and this one particularly so. The theme is *CHERRIES* and as always it is a play on femininity, a comment meant to claim woman-ness and at the same time celebrate the fun of female sexuality...”Twist My Cherry”…INDEED!

Anyway, it has me obsessing a bit. Thinking about what I’ll wear, what games to play–the options seems endless really! And naturally, on this day when I am typically fixating on sex toys what better way to express all this pent up excitement than an ode to cherries and SEX! And so, without further ado I present to you…

Cherry Pastease to get you in the mood.

Cherry panties for you, or me, to remove later.

A cherry flavored lube to warm you up.

A cherry colored dildo get the job started, with a vibrator to finish the job.

Cherry flavored whipped cream to lick it up.

With visions of sex under the cherry blossoms, Kama Sutra style.

A Kiss shared with a…Girl…with a Cherry in her mouth.

Whether you are joining us for the event Thursday or simply someone who enjoys cherries it is my hope that my list of cherries-to-get-you-in-the-mood does just that!

xxx c.

Sex Toy Tuesday: A Gift 4 Your Vajayjay

Popularizing Oprah’s term for a vagina leaves a lot to be desired, but I must admit that when my girlfriend MizzJ gifted me with my very own Vajazzle kit…I was, well I was faSINated.

Perhaps in the same way ANY erotic art tickles me, down deep, but maybe it was something more: CREATIVITY!





And generally just KNOW that IT was there…THERE, making my nether regions brighter, richer, tackier… BEDAZZLED!

What could be more wonderfully ridiculous? Very little, I assure you.

I cannot wait to wear it…this weekend of course…Wait. does one bedazzle their vagina and wear panties? It seems a shame…rather I say let your vagina SHINE THROUGH and go pantiless…in a short skirt…and thigh high stockings…no not for HIM or HER, for YOU silly!

Viva La Vajazzled Vajayjay!

P.S. for those of you that wish to delve further into the art of the vajayjay there is a site, indeed:


xxx cc

Sex Toy Tuesday…the RETURN F-Machines and All!

Well it has been awhile since I have done an entry addressing the pleasures of adult toys and so to kick off the relaunch of my site…I thought I would test drive one:


Now this is but one example of these rather aggressive toys. And they come in all sorts of



and of course, POWER!

Now the version i had was of the “homegrown” type…a product of the ingenuity of a handy-MAN. And although the purpose was evident, the actually execution never quite…came to fruition, shall we say? Yes…in this case the penile apparatus seemed too flaccid to get the job done shall we say? And instead seemed to make a much better…MASSAGE?  But, my personal experience aside, this is a grand idea no? And I have good evidence that these machines work quite well when a more rigid approach is taken, shall we say?

From my very limited experience it seems men are most motivated to create these Fucking Machines which makes sense from a familiarity-with-tools perspective but…in practice…these machines seem to fall a bit short…or rather long? I tease a bit, but what I am trying to say I think is that, while men grasp the “motion” of women’s pleasure…something is lost in terms of the finesse! Perhaps if a woman were to design the tool and a man undertake the construction?

As with so many forms of female pleasure…I fear the men may require our direction…So, how would we change these amped up vibes? Hmmmnnn…the options seem endless, first the scale  should reflect the customer = SMALLER, LIGHTER, SOFTER…yes yes we do like it hard, but we like to WORK UP TO IT! I feel a bit as if I am redesigning the clunky too-big machines in the gym, they don’t fit either…Perhaps it is a man’s world and even our machines-o-pleasure are subject to a man’s view…NONSENSE! I refuse to accept this theory, rather I would like to think that it will only require a bit more time for our ladies to make their way to the tool-room and…CREATE!

With that…I invite you, my ladies, to take on the challenge…I have faith that WE can and will create the next best fucking machine…oh wait…maybe we HAVE: DIGITS 1 and 2?

heehee, xxx c.

Sex Toy Tuesday: She Can ROCK-Out & GET LUCKY This St.Patrick’s Day

An ipod With a Purpose

Yes indeed it seems that for all music lovers there is a vib’ on the market just for us! Oh sure, not only can you rock out to you fav’ tunes via your splashy emerald ipod this St.Paddy’s Day, BUT you can plug  ALL THE WAY IN with your matching mint ergonomic sex toy! I have to admit I love the idea…and am a bit enamored with the idea of vib’in along to some Nicki Manaj as soon as I purchase this, imagine when she hits those HARD NOTES!

The product info and video proves very…enticing:

Naughtibod may be smaller in stature then its big brother OhMiBod, but will rock your world just the same. Feel the vibrations of your favorite music. Naughtibod is the perfect size for your purse or while you are traveling. Its silhouette is as enticing to the eye, as its velvety finish is to touch. Harness the power of your playlist. Like all OhMiBod music vibes, Naughtibod comes with an integrated 7 pattern manual mode end cap so it can be used without music.

Your iPod®’s out of juice … no problem. Like all OhMiBod music vibes, the Naughtibod ipod massager comes with an additional end cap so it can be used without your music. In manual mode, you are able to choose from seven different vibrating patterns. Optimized for all iPod® models & iPhone, but compatible with other MP3 players. Naughtibod ipod massager also works with laptops, home stereos, portable CD players, microphones, electric guitar virtually any electronic audio output source with a 3.5mm jack. Explore the possibilities.

itunes has taken on a whole new meaning in my life…so much more…inspiring! xxx c



A Hump Day Edition of Sex Toy Tuesday…better late than never!


Few things as simple or as easily accessible have the potential to possess such sensual tension.

Sensory deprivation has long been used as a tool of sensuality. It stimulates key erotic elements such as attention, touch, smell, anticipation, trust…as well as the excitement of the unknown.

It is a favored sex toy of mine…more like a sex-tool really, I use it to build excitement and to bond my partner to me in the fleeting moments of passion.

Beginning with a blindfold…using it to preview what is to come:

  • Running you hands…lips…or even high-heels over your lover’s body
  • Kisses, licks and even nips in unexpected places
  • Whispers of naughty promises to come…

All of these techniques work to increase desire and ultimately can make the “final act” that much more satisfying!

So, next time you are considering foreplay…grab a stalking…a scarf…and treat your partner to a little withholding…trust me, they will thank you…later.

Happy Hump Day, xxx c


Sex Toy Tuesday: Pantie Play

You know what I have always dreamed of owning?


Do you even have to ask?

The benefits are obvious, let’s discuss the details…

There are of course the cost-conscious vibrating panties, which seem to start at about $19.99 on most of the online sex-toy sites and feature boy-short styling, with a concealed tiny pocket that holds a miniature vibrating bullet.

It is removable, waterproof, and wireless. The key is mobility…wear your panties out for a stimulating dinner or perhaps an up close dance with your lover. These panties have the capability of taking you to new and spontaneous orgasmic heights. And…worn under a harness with a strap-on…well, now we are talking about mutual satisfaction!

However, there are cons…placement being primary. Situating the bullet in the most advantageous position requires some shimmying which may be deemed inappropriate depending where you decide to utilize your vibrating panties. additionally turning them on-and-off necessitates a quick pop into the loo…luckily there exists an upgraded “panty” that seems to have pleasantly rectified some of these issues.

The Berman Astrea Vibrating Panty (top of the line and most easily available), selling for approximately $60 this version features LUX, black stretch-lace (available in a conservative or “skimpy” style) and improved placement to tickle your labia and clit properly.

The kinkiest feature of this stimulating pantie?


Meaning that you can control the vibes, from say…you purse or create even more fun by handing-over the control to an affable partner…stimulation from up to 12-feet away…imagine the POSSIBILITIES!!!!

And with that, I wish you a stimulating evening and a very sexy Sex-Toy Tuesday! Xxx c