A Park Only A NymphoBrainiac Could Love

Jeju Loveland (제주러브랜드) (also known as Love Land) is an outdoor sculpture park which opened in 2004 on Jeju Island in South Korea. The park is focused on a theme of sex, running sex education films, and featuring 140 sculptures representing humans in various sexual positions. It also has other elements such as large phallus statues, stone labia, and hands-on exhibits such as a “masturbation-cycle”. The park’s website describes the location as “a place where love oriented art and eroticism meet” (source: Wikipedia).

As I said, a truly nymphobrainiac themed park! I wanna take a ride!

xxx, dr.c.

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154 thoughts on “A Park Only A NymphoBrainiac Could Love

  1. melanie says:

    too bad these images are all cliche white-looking chicks with skinny, normative bodies and big tits and men with crazy muscles. this could be cool if it was realistic looking people, not porny kitsch. and where’s the two men and a woman-iteration of a threesome, or the giant statue of a man bending over with his naked ass in the air? too hetero and sexist for my taste.

  2. Harry Cane says:

    The sculptures, are very well made. Thr style, reminds me of Jeff Koon, during his first period ! I believe, there is nothing to teach, to anyone in our days. Unless, they want to promote, how they do sex, in the western world.

    • Jess says:

      certainly less violence, but you can’t evaluate these sculptures and the representation of sex in our culture, without evaluating the role of violence in our culture of sex. 1 in 4 women has been sexually assaulted.
      These images are reinforcing an ideal that is unrealistic and creates impossible standards for people. I don’t look like that and neither do the majority of people. How are we supposed to feel good about ourselves when this is what the world has to say about what our bodies and our sex lives should be like?

      • darian says:

        for real… you don’t have to look like that… Unless you want to. The majority of the world’s population don’t have to look like that either. In fact, they shouldn’t! NOBODY wants to SHOWCASE normality since nobody would pay a ticket to look at it! That’s why you showcase an ideal shape. And don’t give me the lines about god knows what retarded starving him/her-self in order to “look good”, because that’s just what it looks like… RETARDED! If you really feel like helping them… teach them maths and take them to the library!

      • Lyn says:

        I think you’re too attached to the negative Jess. Why would you equate erotic art with sexual assault as they have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Truly if you embrace this as the art it is, you may find freedom from those thoughts.
        I speak a truth coming from my own life experience.

      • Jamie says:

        I believe that the vast majority of modern people do not understand the benefits of good physical, mental and spiritual health. Representations of glorious sex have to be idealistic because glorious sex (sadly) is not normal. Furthermore, ideals are not realistically achievable by many. Ideals are not standards, they are inspirational ideas. There are a lot of people who actually look that good and the sex that many of them have actually is as good as this looks. The stark truth is that most people look awful with their clothes off and they get very little joy from the use of their bodies. Sorry, Jess, I have no sympathy. If you did not find this art compelling you would not be posting passionate comments about it.

  3. Amy Luna Manderino says:

    Beautiful sculptures, but this park illustrates three big misconceptions we have about sex. First, in none of the photos of intercourse is the woman having her external clitoris stimulated. The woman’s position is more for the viewer’s gaze than her pleasure. The woman on top position facing the man so her external clitoris can stimulate herself against his public bone is by far the best way for a woman to climax during intercourse. These pictures illustrate why 75% of women regularly do NOT orgasm during intercourse. Second, there are no photos of the solo male body eroticized for the viewer’s eye. We rob men of their full body sensual experience when we don’t eroticize them in our art and media like we do women’s bodies. Third, this park is terribly heteronormative (from these photos) suggesting that sex is a woman and a man or two women and a man. How about a woman being stimulated by two men? One stimulating her breasts and the other stimulating her external clitoris? That’s MY idea of a threesome. 🙂

    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      All excellent points…however I am still impressed by the idea that this exists at all…also I think we can agree that a public space that reflects both the beauty and the judgements of society at large is par for the course!

      • Amy Luna Manderino says:

        Yes, I agree that one should always strive to see the cup as half full. But I still say it’s two steps forward, one step back if we all get more comfortable with sex that is still limiting for both the man and the woman in how it’s depicted, learned and experienced. ❤

    • chris says:

      Um you need to go there. There is much more to this than what you are seeing. The koreans I was with thought it was funny but it was even funnier when I was explaining things.

    • Lisa says:

      Your comment is the perfect example of how people will always have a complaint. So make your own sculptures & sex park. How ridiculous to expect sculptures of people to represent how YOU view sex… The pictures do not illustrate WHY 75% of women regularly don’t orgasm during intercourse, they are just sculptures. Sex IS a woman & a man.. Not everything needs to illustrate every kind of sex there is.. Jesus.

      • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

        I actually don’t agree, respectfully…sex IS between two PEOPLE…or more. I am not entirely clear why you are fixated on a woman’s orgasm and the important of that being depicted in a PARK…but your point is still valid…I didn’t mean to insult you in any way…you seem at the very least mindful! Carry on…with a smile love…sex is FUN!

      • MzCat says:

        I said it once and I’ll say it again; LOVES IT! I think it’s awesome. Me giving my 2 cents on any future additions isn’t whining. So I’ll assume that the direction of the comment about ass licking contests didn’t include me.
        Besides, ass licking is awesome, if done correctly and the subject is clean.
        I’m not complaining about ridiculous crap that disregards what this art depicts. I fully appreciate the park, it’s contents and would love to go there.
        So, if you don’t like my 2 cents, eat one.

  4. Annie says:

    Dude. This is in Korea. Regardless of what you can pick apart that’s wrong with it or what can be better, this is CRAZYPANTS awesome and incredibly progressive.

    Source: Korean.

  5. miki says:

    Did any of you actually READ the text..? It said there are 140 sculptures. There are only merely 9 here (because one was a double up) who’s to say there aren’t other sculptures that show you what you want to see? I’m not saying anyone is wrong or right, but you can’t judge something via a brief article. Someone go to the park and take a picture of all 140 sculptures and reanalyze what you’re saying.

  6. chris says:

    Been there there is also a love museum right up the road thought it was funny as heck I was laughing through both of these and had to explain what things were to the korean teachers I was with to funny…..

  7. MzCat says:

    I think it’s great. And the fact that it’s just ART would explain why the positions are so odd. But I would also like to see more realistic looking bodies; women with curves – not just one with a tiny man. That seems like a mockery almost… Why not have plus size women and normal/average/meatier looking men of other races too? Maybe an extension or some additions to the park will be in the works. Some interracial pieces even…? 😉 Meeeooww.
    All in all though, LOVES IT!

  8. Lyn says:

    I think these are beautiful works of art celebrating sex ~ criticism I’m reading here seems to reflect uptight , jaded places and a need to control how others view their sexuality, like it needs to be politically corrected all the time

  9. Dave says:

    Always peoples to say it’s too much this, not enough that, it should be like this… shut the fuck up with your whining. Hummm i’m doing a sexual park so i absolutely need to put some black people, some old, some homosexual, some tranny, some bdsm, some small penis, some peeing, some blonde, some redhead so everyone will be happy and… NOOOO ! You do it like YOU feel… it is your park, your project… not an asslicking contest !

  10. David Makana Martin says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with the title “A Park Only a NymphBrainiac Could Love”. Has anyone asked the locals for their opinion? Does anyone know or care about the history of this island or how it has been proselytized in the name of colonialism, economic development and military expansionism? Maybe some see this as beautiful art and blissful sexual expression. To me, this is titillation for a buck, come here and fuck, oh and BTW Fuck the Locals while you’re at it. Check it out on Google or any other search engine if you have some balls and/or give a damn. You might learn about “The Women of the Sea” and how they now spend all of their time protesting their genocide instead of peacefully fishing and diving and/or how their once (World Heritage site) pristine reefs and bays are being systematically destroyed along with their fresh water resources. I’m pretty sure you all can dream up more interesting ways to get it on than sticking your hard-ons into these people and their beautiful island.

  11. JAMES says:

    Hell ya, I like it nice and healthy people sorry but if you put a 300 hundred pound woman up sex is over for me won’t do it no way sorry, and I am not Gay so turn off for me, so recommend more than one them site.

  12. Jess says:

    its not just about one park. this is how the world represents sex regularly. you may feel immune to the effects of the media but you can’t be. I am not uptight, I’m concerned about how people feel about themselves and how people are represented, how that effects people’s lives and expectations. I have a stereotypically attractive body and I’m into kink. I have a great sex life and lots of orgasms. I don’t think sex is bad, sex is great. I am very sex positive. And I’m not against this park, but I am for the world glamorizing real life people so we can all feel a little better in our skins and relationships. It’s complicated and can’t be retorted intelligently with defensive attacking comments that don’t have any substantial arguments. Give me examples of how the portrayals of people in the mainstream media don’t effect people’s confidence, people’s ideas and expectations of sex, gender roles, girls and guys! starving themselves. Then I’m willing to listen. Like I said, I don’t think sex or this park is bad, I just wish the world portrayed people, especially being sexual, in a more realistic manner.

    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      I don’t disagree…however I do think you should view the follow-up post to this one…while I don’t think it addressed ALL of your issues I do think the “deeper dive” presents a bit more variance and even cultural reflection. Still, I have to appreciate media…it acts as a mirror often of our insecurities, hopes, fears…I use it as a vehicle and not much more…does it influence? Absolutely…but it can also BE influenced! Being mindful…is essential when using media as a tool…no matter who you are or what you are doing…which is why I am grateful for your response…it drove me…to revisit what I felt was a very fun/superficial post. Thank you.

  13. daniel says:

    jeee… you are guys bunch of morons.. who says they are all white? why go on and assume koreans don’t have bodies like those statues? fucking racist fucks.. Their are plenty korean females and males in great shapes. you guys are just bunch of ignorant fucks

  14. Leska says:

    Seriously, on the top of my list of places to visit now!!
    I disagree with people who are saying the majority of bodies are close to perfect. But for majority of people that is the beauty standard, the Gods of Olymp, the ideal. It’s artist’s perspective. Otherwise it would be bordering caricature.

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  16. Cynnara Tregarth says:

    I think you did fine to showcase what you did and how you did. If you planned on showcasing more, that’s your choice. Don’t let others force you to apologize because of their prejudices and their lack of knowledge. Seriously. If they wanted to learn more, they could have Googled it or investigated on their own for full information like any person does instead of expecting someone else to do all the work for them. That’s immature on their part. For mine– thank you for introducing me to something that not only excites and thrills me, but also gives me wonderful ideas to write about as an author.

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