The Vanilla Party: A Study in Sweet Irony

NymphoBrainiacs strive to explore, indulge, and understand all things erotic…so when I heard about a new underground artistically-themed NYC alt event…November 16th’s The Vanilla Party: Aftermath…I knew I had to indulge. And while I am happy to report that there was nothing “vanilla” about this kinky evening…there was far more than even I expected. As creator SaxDMA explains TVP is:

NYC’s Latest Alternative Art and Fashion Interaction Attraction Alternative & Peculiar Performances of Epic Proportion

Yes, it sounds boastful…yet, TVP delivers! The crowd is a mix of downtown eclectic with a goth influence and a fetish feel. The performances repel as much as they seduce…and an overall vibe that collectively encouraged collaboration (artistic..and otherwise) amongst its guests. The next installment will be late winter/early fall and is not to be missed! xxx dr.c.

VIDEO from Pacha PeepShow EROTIC Performance with Kat ForTra

I love live erotic performance!

Whether I am the voyeur (aka “audience member”) or the exhibitionist (aka “performer”) I LOVE making an intimate act, public. There is an incredible rush to share desire and arousal not only with one…but with MANY.

In these special shared moments, emotions seem to multiply and develop ten-fold until a crescendo of energy creates frenzy!

It doesn’t always occur, but when it does…it is an orgasm of the  collective soul!

The Pacha PeepShow with Vargas was one such performance. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kat ForTra ( ) and indeed, it was all my pleasure and quite a show. A friend of mine captured some of it (Carnell thank you), and I pass it on for your pleasure…nothing like a little mutual masturbation huh?

Enjoy, xxx c.

What Trauma ‘Holds’: Opportunities Through Loss

I am obsessed with Lady Gaga’s Marry the Night video…

…& not just for its representation of completely relatable & personal (to me) life barriers (that are ultimately transformed into inspiration): psychosis, trauma, psychology, creativity, pointe, dance, art, relationships, failure…but for the message that success develops only out of the determination to NEVER GIVE UP…something all of us can relate to!

To embrace and then re-CREATE traumatic events in one’s life, to re-form the impossible not simply into the possible, but into achievement…is a belief that instructs and inspires my every thought.

It’s nice when art pushes limits & asks us to not simply attend, but to reflect on its application to our lives.

Happy Monday, C.

Zombie Sex is…Unambiguous


Not Made to Hold
Zombie hands
aren’t hard
to draw.
They look
like paddles
or mitts.
Zombie sex
is unambiguous.

-Tom Beckett

***This post was inspired by my love of zombies/horror generally and specifically by a photo shoot done last night with Kat ForTra (of fame), plus some of my favorite people (Mark and Jess’), and the Blood Manor Team (Liquidmatter Reverence, Roberto Garcia, artist extraordinaire specifically)…amazing night….images to follow (by BPS Productions Pics and Vids)***

And on this Monday…I feel a little like the undead…walking dead? brain dead? HAPPY MONDAY! xxx c

My Performances are my Imaginings…Realized

My strong point, if I have a strong point,

is performance.

I always do more than I say.

I always produce more

than I promise.

-Richard Nixon

I think that everyone should cultivate aspects of creative freedom in their lives, it doesn’t have to be so…brash or overtly sexual…I only mean that I believe every person should incorporate acts of imaginings in their daily living…it’s what keeps us feeling…ALIVE!

xxx c

(performance images from Chriss Vargas’ Peepshow @ PachaNYC with the lovely Kat Forta of

Sex Toy Tuesday: Having a ball with the ball-gag!

This weekend I finally got  gagged!

I know some of you may have been waiting for the opportunity for while (haha)  but it was the beautiful goddess Mistress Kat Fortra ( who had the honor during our performance for Chriss Vargas PeepShow 3 at the infamous Pacha NYC!

Yes, that is video from the performance above and an image below…and yes I with go into the experience in further detail, but back to the Sex-Toy tuesday task at hand!

It had be awhile since I had been subjected to a ball gag…having used one more than a couple times in my work as a domina, and before that as a model for an “adult-toy” website, and I recalled it as a slobbery and humorous if humiliating experience on the whole. BUT…here I was with a brand new toy…a show to do and like 6 attachments for my shiny new black ball gag! Time to woman-up and use it damnit!

And so I did (as the footage attests).

this ball gag was a bit different than others I had both employed and enjoyed. It had a ring around the rim so that you could hold onto it with your teeth without drooling like a mad-dog…this was an asset as it may have been bad if I flung spittle all over the Pacha crowd…although they might have liked it…those sick fucks. Anyway, that was a nice adjustment to the gag, also the face strap was wide and secure serving as a platform for all manner of butting and straining I might want to do (AND DID) with the attachments which included:

1. A leash…LOVE!

2. A duster

3. A brush

4. An ashtray

6. And…my personal fav’…A LARG BLACK DILDO!

We chose to use numbers one and six…and I think the crowd enjoyed the show…I def revelled in playing with them on…with one exception:


Ah…but such is the price of a REALLY GREAT SEX-TOY…and well worth it, if I do say so myself!

Happy Sex-Toy Tuesday!!! xxx c