Sex Toy Tuesday: Pantie Play

You know what I have always dreamed of owning?


Do you even have to ask?

The benefits are obvious, let’s discuss the details…

There are of course the cost-conscious vibrating panties, which seem to start at about $19.99 on most of the online sex-toy sites and feature boy-short styling, with a concealed tiny pocket that holds a miniature vibrating bullet.

It is removable, waterproof, and wireless. The key is mobility…wear your panties out for a stimulating dinner or perhaps an up close dance with your lover. These panties have the capability of taking you to new and spontaneous orgasmic heights. And…worn under a harness with a strap-on…well, now we are talking about mutual satisfaction!

However, there are cons…placement being primary. Situating the bullet in the most advantageous position requires some shimmying which may be deemed inappropriate depending where you decide to utilize your vibrating panties. additionally turning them on-and-off necessitates a quick pop into the loo…luckily there exists an upgraded “panty” that seems to have pleasantly rectified some of these issues.

The Berman Astrea Vibrating Panty (top of the line and most easily available), selling for approximately $60 this version features LUX, black stretch-lace (available in a conservative or “skimpy” style) and improved placement to tickle your labia and clit properly.

The kinkiest feature of this stimulating pantie?


Meaning that you can control the vibes, from say…you purse or create even more fun by handing-over the control to an affable partner…stimulation from up to 12-feet away…imagine the POSSIBILITIES!!!!

And with that, I wish you a stimulating evening and a very sexy Sex-Toy Tuesday! Xxx c




2 thoughts on “Sex Toy Tuesday: Pantie Play

  1. bpdisme says:

    Hot damn! Thanks for sharing…I’ll have to get me some of these to wear to my next appointment with my shrink! Talk about erotic transference… 😉

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