What a Sex-tacular Idea: ForTra-Foreplay Training!

“ForTra is a revolutionary weight loss program, combining extremely effective exercises with incredible orgasms for the most pleasurable path to fitness. The entire ForTra video is kinky eye-candy, featuring three gorgeous, dominant women and one muscular, submissive man to demonstrate your workout. As a reward, the final stretching scene transitions into a sexy all-woman segment. The hot mess of kissing, touching, and tongue will make you explode in ecstasy—and get fit, fast!”– www.ForTraDVD.com

So I have the distinct pleasure of being a part of a VERY CREATIVE and EROTIC and POWERFUL and HUMOROUS (all the qualities I enjoy MOST in life) NEW DVD Project…ForTra: Foreplay Training, with Kat ForTra…and if you take a look at the TRAILOR, you can view all the fantastically fun sex-ercising firsthand (well second-hand but you know what I mean) and see exactly what a PLEASURE IT WAS!

I was so excited when Kat explained this project  and it’s purpose…to create an avenue for men to get into shape while simultaneously reinforcing their sexuality without objectify women, rather the women (us) in the video represent strong and equal “partners” in his training!

Such a novel concept!

Women as the arbitrators of men’s sexual fitness! I fucking love it!

Shooting the scenes was gret fun as well, not to mention what a challenge the exercises are…seriously guys if you can get through all those mountain climbers you are better than I-I thought my body was going to break in half! Aside from the kick ass workout…there are two additional pieces to the film: a demonstration section (doggie, missionary, cowgirl…all done with a *wink* and a laugh) and a little “material” meant (I believe) to get you guys to the all important orgasm part of this workout!

Yes here I refer to the Popsicle Scene.

So there are scenes…as I have described here previously that just do NOT engender organic feelings of true sexual passion (just click here for a review) and then there is the Popsicle Scene!

 Ah, a girl with a popsicle…dripping, wet, sticky sweet, declicious…this scene was too much to withhold ANYTHING!

 Getting lost in the moment with a room full of people watching, not just watching you, examining you through a lens, is not easy and yet in this shoot…it was unavoidable!

Exciting, all-encompassing, this moment…the cameras, directors, actors ALL floated away…I was suspended in a moment between time and space where only a girl with a melting popsicle existed!



In that moment heaven was a girl with a popsickle, her eyes locked onto mine as I…licked…and kissed and…touched…

And then her popsicle falls to the ground like a wilted flower…plop!

And with a great sigh we come back down to EARTH…the scene, the camera, the people…real life.

But I still have that moment.

Captured…in my mind…in my desire…with satisfaction.


How interesting right? To capture a moment…forever on film…in the moment.

I do believe that’s the reason I enjoy film work…because as awkward and un-real as it can be…it is also brilliant at times…and WE CAN SHARE those moments…as special and ethereal as they are…we can share them together.

I hope you enjoy the work WITH PLEASURE…and SAVE THE DATE FOR THE DVD RELEASE BASH: APRIL 24th 2010!

xxx, c.

6 thoughts on “What a Sex-tacular Idea: ForTra-Foreplay Training!

  1. Priscilla says:

    I’m all about the “moments” that is what this lifetime we have is a multipicity of moments and you got me at the moment of popsicle extasy, I can soo relate ;)! How you can be in a moment and everything and everyone else fades for that moment in time its like you float off into another place and then something brings you back to reality and you have an inner grin of peace within.

    I look foward to the opening of this venture and being a part of the celebration of hard work and play ;} and hopefully popsicle moments 🙂

  2. Sugar says:

    Wow C

    The way you express your thoughts feelings and the way you explain things are outstanding. You can make anything be So So sexy and Much Much More. Looking Forward to this event for a long time can’t wait.

    Much Love

  3. special_one3 says:

    ohhhhhhhhh loved it loved it all checked out the fortra dvd site amazin read about it watched the trailer ( u were lookin wow) read the blog that other lady is a talented writer hmmmmm even read on how ur sexy self gets your “sculpted legs ” they do look wow and the pics on that site were amazin u guys are sooo fit and well flexible it just made my night readin all of it
    and as far as wearin something to ur big night im sure whatever u decide will be fine maybe something red or something bright but not to out there something sexy tight the kinda thing that turns heads gets jaws droppin lol or have a few outfits for the night lol

  4. Kat ForTra says:

    LOVE it, Conchita! Oh, the popsicle scene was SO HOTTT!!! I remember being so excited, I couldn’t watch it. I had to turn away so I wouldn’t make happy-squealing noises and mess up the shot.
    You are the BEST!!!

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