Hey Facebook: ‘Fuck You!’ (or Happy HumpDay)

This is my friend…showing us her “Hump Day” humor, and yes she is cheeky and sexy and smart…all of the things that attract, but her post brought something else to my attention:

The power of expression,

and more to the point:

The power of expression in social media.

It likely comes at no surprise to you that for me social media represents both a means of expression as well as a vehicle towards real human connection. That said, social media recently has proven it’s breadth of communication, but has yet to offer evidence as to it’s true depth. Reading snippets of stories, reactions, opinions, images…they all flash through our timelines so quickly that we barely have the opportunity to process them. What are the implications of processing information like this? Errors in communication seem inevitable and yet I have also been witness to thoughtful, subjective, and critical articulations to very difficult issues.

The question then, is not one of the use or misuse of “power” in social media…influence we ALL share…rather it is the willingness of responsibility:

If I post/tweet/write this, I will then listen and respond to others’ reactions.

Too much to ask?

Too much to ask.

I suppose in the end, it’s best to keep social media in it’s place:

A means of communication.

Rather than make it out to be more than it is…

Because in reality (mine? or yours?), Meli’s “middle finger,” may indicate:

“Fuck you,” or

“Fuck ME!“…

We’ll just never know. And hey, that’s okay right? Just as long as you’re still my “friend.”

🙂 xxx c.

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