Curriculum Vitae of a Psy-Eroticologist

My life is an “evolutionary-dialectic”…or a developing journey characterized by two dimensions that seem, initially to be opposed but in fact co-exist and even complement one another.

Here, I speak of my professional vs. play-time – CONTRADICTION.

Professionally, my training is as a clinical psychologist and researcher. Both careers I have found unbelievably fulfilling.

However, my life has also allowed further exploration of the EROTIC as:

an erotic-rope BDSM performer (shabari), a Lifestyle event hostess (that means, swinger parties), an adult film actor (directed by none other than Candida Royalle), an erotic photography model, a Dominatrix…and now as a:




But, I am not so very different form YOU. In truth who doesn’t struggle on a daily basis to integrate disparate portions of their life, their heart, or soul?

The only difference being that for me this PROCESS of negotiating balance is exhibitionistic, necessarily so it seems. Which makes for an interesting experience for the “other,” you may both OBSERVE and PARTICIPATE.

Essentially, I am here to both SHARE and ask you to participate in THIS evolution WITH me…to merge and become a part of my world in whatever capacity you wish. I will strive through my blogs to detail both the process and the PEOPLE who create my this journey. And I would be honored if you should choose to join me…to walk, to dance, to LOVE…together.

Kisses and love…Doctor Conchita.

19 thoughts on “Curriculum Vitae of a Psy-Eroticologist

  1. markbyrd says:

    May GOD Bless you Charly . I am ofentimes “hit ” with bouts of thoughts which , I know , are all part of the human experience. Reading your blogs I can see that sometimes you and I think alike. Love your work!!! May GOD Bless!!! Mark

  2. bpdisme says:

    I recently stumbled upon your blog and am glad I did. Do you have any interest in erotic transference? I wrote my senior honors thesis on it, specifically with regards to the borderline personality. Interesting stuff, eh?

    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      First, thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog…I look forward to exploring yours…that said, erotic transference…AHHHHH the topic most shrinks NEVER want to tackle…I have to be honest as much as I should/would/should wax-on about it from a purely theoretical perspective…when you are IN IT…as a novice therapist is is: SCARY AS SHIT! And that comes from a woman who has sat-most-comfortably with her sexuality for many years at this point…I suppose that is the rub…it’s NOT your sexuality, it is someone else’s projected sexuality…quite a mire if you ask me! But you bring me to one of my very first patients (BPD) and a useful transference that while it turned out well, I fear I nearly bumbled it by confusing my reactions with her projections…anyway…I will write about it here…thank you for the topic idea…always a nice treat…and again for reading my blog…xxx dr.c.

      • bpdisme says:

        🙂 Great, I look forward to reading more from you. Any suggestions on how to approach the erotic transference with my therapist?

  3. Alana-blue Pope says:

    i have only just discovered you blog and it looks fascinating
    i am an illustrator and quite young well 18 aha, and i tend to focus more on the erotic anyway, its not surprising that a lot of the people on my course are confused by what i do but i am trying to explore sexuality too, however i am not great with words so i paint. Anyways what i was getting around to saying was one of the key things i am looking at is the transference of power, the lack of control and spoilt innocence in general, i have been exploring it in my painting coz i need my own answers to things that have happened, and i was wondering whether if at any point i could get your insight. Its very rare to find someone open minded and confident about their sexuality AS WELL AS having an interest into the psychology behind it. I am having terrible struggle with my art trying to convey messages of inner frustration between the need to be controlled and the need to be my own island and i don’t have many people to discuss and get feedback from as people don’t tend to feel how i feel (borderline personality disorder and all that jazz), i was wondering whether your the kind of person who would be interested in chatting and talking about how to create a sexual journey but in paintings, not just the pleasures but the horrors (which is what i tend to focus on nowadays :/ ) i don’t want to go into detail or spill my life story to get to my influences where everyone can see it (because people judge harshly) but i know i would be interested to hear your feedback and opinion on some questions i really need answers to.
    i was also wondering whether i could use someone of your nude images as reference material for my illustrations, i struggle to find decent beautiful poses to work with or manipulate within my work and it would be amazing if i could, or even possibly getting you to actually model a specific pose or two, i would send you copies of the work done, and it will help me greatly at uni
    anyway i waffled on for ages i hope you get a chance to read this
    Aly 🙂

    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      Aly…I just added you on FB and would love to continue a dialogue with you…your work sounds as compelling and fascinating as your life…So many of the issues you bring up I and others i know struggle with, it is amazing that you have found an outlet for expression. I very much look forward to seeing your work! let’s chat more! i am excited that you reached out! xxx conchita aka charly carlyle 🙂

  4. jpzimage says:

    This is so great. Thanks do much for sharing this amazing experience. I can contribute with Photography. Let me know when you need a photographer. Un abrazo,

  5. Raliyn Green says:

    I have stumbled on yr blog by accident but i live reading the the stuff on here! i like that yr not judgemental, like most doctor types. id love to talk to sometime and get some advice because i feel like everyone else well judge what i have to say

  6. tahir warazi says:

    Hello everyone … I’m not an academic … but life experiences make me some information.The correlation between the mind and the soul and the body…Reveals the ability and psychological balance ..When and how to have sex? Is it for pleasure? Or necessity?…In any case, we must retain the beauty of the body…Long-standing practice of sex and neglect other aspects of life. Falling into the trap of psychological cancer. By physical ailments…Gender nicest secretion of the body beautiful …….. Thank you .. you a beautiful day
    Tahir Warazi

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