About This (Nymphobrainiac) Blog

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I am a self-described, “NYMPHOBRAINIAC” or one who engages in the erotic with enthusiasm and intellect, mindfully.

Negotiating the dynamics between the PSYCHOLOGICAL and The EROTIC can be a challenge, but surely it’s worth the journey!

Here I muse, with you, over all things erotic from photography, to books, to the experiential…EVERYTIHNG is open to EXPLORATION and interpretation.

This blog is meant to be the map of a journey…my journey, expressed in words and images, a journey through a life…as commonly uncommon as yours…I hope that you engage and enjoy, with me.

xxx, c

17 thoughts on “About This (Nymphobrainiac) Blog

  1. Shelly and Paul Martinez says:


    My husband and I both love reading your blog. You give us a sense of surprises and spontaneity in our bedroom again. With that being said, you turn me on a lot, where could a girl view your past movies?


    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      Awe…that’s the sweetest thing! Well thank you… certainly I think a healthy sense of humor (towards self and other) is a necessary part to any productive sexy life and love relationship! I guess the best film (both of those words i use loosely…lol…considering my acting abilities and the genre) is Under the Covers, it’s a Candida Royalle film (whom I adore and who is as charismatic and lovely and intelligent in person as you hoped from her films) and probably easy to find I know it’s available on the Adam and Eve site, it’s humorous and sexy…light…but def still hard-core…let me know what you think! Oh and def watch the interviews at the end, i was still in school and talked a lot about being a therapist..ahhhh how things change! xxx c.

  2. lanaerotica says:

    I think I would like to kiss you. Smart and sexy
    So many smart women are afraid to show that side, as the think guys will be put off.
    Rare to find a straight forward girl…. honestly, I know

  3. D. Keith Furon says:

    Just found your blog that was sent to me by a friend about the erotic park in Korea. Love it! As a fine art photographer who specializes in the erotic, I’m glad i found this. Posted it to my Facebook pages also. Looking forward to more! DKF

  4. edmunddantes says:

    Hi there, I guess that it is just happen chance that I come across this page in your site, I am not much of a blog follower at all. But am very intrigued by your ideology as it pertains to sex and it’s place in our lives. I am having some problems, presently, with my girlfriend. She is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met as well as one of the most sexually enticing women that I’ve ever been with. I tell her so often how stunning I think that she is, because I was under the impression that she wasn’t entirely convinced that she is.

    I’ve only recently discovered that I have been telling her this too much and that she is afraid that I am also loosing my appreciation for her mind as well. This truly is not the case. Anyways, I only bring this up because throughout our relationship, in my opinion, our sex life has left much to be desired and has been the cause of many arguments between us and has left the subject to be very emotionally volatile. I love her to death, I feel something with her that I haven’t felt with anyone else, but I our unpredictable and often scarce (in my opinion) sex life, makes me feel like something is missing.

    She told me long ago that she thinks that I may have a problem with the frequency of my sexual urges. And I have been struggling with this, I didn’t feel that it was abnormal at first, but am now starting to believe that it may be some primitive form of sex addiction. I don’t engage in sex with multiple partners, just her, I do watch pornography and feel a great deal of shame from doing so, however, do need it to satisfy these urges from time to time. I have conditioned myself to punish myself mentally when I look at her and long for her, telling myself that “I don’t deserve her and that it is because of my apparent addiction that I am so perverted.”

    It is really painful, because my love for her has never felt so pure, and I wish that our sex life reflected as much. She told me recently that she feel that sex with me is like paying a parking meter, that its something she needs to do or that there will be consequences. Our arguments surrounding our lack of sex have manifested themselves out of my fear – that it is because she doesn’t love me and is not attracted to me and that she is just keeping me around out of convenience, I don’t actually feel that this is true, but is a fear that is beginning to take over.

    I don’t know what to do, do you have any advice? How do women feel about sex, generally? Is it so vastly different from men?

  5. D. Keith Furon says:

    Thanks for the reply Charly. Would love for you to see my work. Here are my two websites: http://www.dkeithfuron.com and http://www.dkeithfuron-erotica.com The first site features my fine art work for my limited edition prints, and the erotica site is geared more towards those who want to be photographed…particularly people in the “lifestyle” or those who want their sexuality captured. Thanks for the support! I can be reached directly at: dkeith@dkeithfuron.com

  6. BrainstormAboutTheWorld says:

    Thank you so much for the follow! I couldn’t be happier because it lead me to your blog, which I think is fascinating! You live a very interesting life and I feel like I can relate a lot to your life journey! I’m actually working towards becoming a sexologist myself! Best of luck to you! xo

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