Every morning…

For the last year or so I have started every morning the same way…


I arrive at the office long before anyone else…one and a half hours to be exact, and I sit.

I sit and I meditate.

I sit and I review my goals…yearly, monthly, weekly, daily. And while these goals definitely impact my career, they are not specifically focused on my function at work, they are focused on my LIFE.

How can I cultivate more gratitude in my days?

What decisions, actions, and behaviors will bring my spirit, mind, and body into an alignment that serves me and my loved ones better?

What can I do, to be…better?

Lofty? Yes.

Grandiose? No.

I start my day here because this is the foundation from which I choose to walk through life.

I don’t tell you this to impress you…it’s fairly unimpressive really. My writings are filled with the minutia of my daily life, most of which contains musings on my many failures with a few successes sprinkled in; however, there are seven goals that direct my daily life, highly personal goals that I understand as my beacons of fulfillment…my guides.

At this point, I realize I may never achieve many of these goals, but I also realize:

That’s not the point (even though at first you think it is).

The point is the act itself…putting yourself out there…being “all-in” with something that is meaningful to you.

That’s true success…that’s walking the walk…even if, you never get there, you stayed your course…and if you did, you probably discovered that Dreams never actually die…no, they simply transform into something else…something better…for you.



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