The Queen of Pinups: Bettie Page

I was never the girl next door.

Happy Birthday Bettie!

She was a stunningly beautiful and complicated soul, the best are.

BettieZebras bettie_page tumblr_mg2ra73jBQ1qa70eyo1_500 Bettie-Page-e-cheetah-1954-Fotografia-Bunny-Yeager bettiepage_p142

When I think of savage…alluring…yet restrained beauty…I always think of Bettie Page.


Dr. NB

(Images by Bunny Yeager)

One thought on “The Queen of Pinups: Bettie Page

  1. amy says:

    I love her body….mostly because mine looks like hers! I like the time before photoshop. People actually looked real. Thanks for posting. xoxo

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