Is it cheating?!

We seem to be quite clear on what IS cheating…when it comes to physical behavior…but our resolve seems less righteous when technology is involved. Where do you stand on this? Is “harmless” flirting via social media or text (sexting) cheating? What about that emoji kiss? Or that near nude you shared? What would your significant other’s reaction be while scrolling through your dm’s or texts? Would their security be reinforced or sacrificed? Is there such a thing as innocent flirting…particularly if it never comes to fruition? As always, I look forward to your opinions…xxx Dr. NB. 2015/01/img_6262.png

2 thoughts on “Is it cheating?!

  1. tlsdinkins1981 says:

    This is such a sensitive topic in the current social generation, though I believe that technology is only the substitute to when previous generations would have phone numbers found in their pants pockets, or random physical pictures found at secret places of a shared couple’s home. Cheating is so much more than the physical. The moment that your mind conceptualizes being with anyone in the same fashion as your existing relationship, you’re just as guilty as the person sexting late hours of the night. However, cheating should be defined by the couple involved. My husband and I check out women frequently and critique the women in ways that ‘the boys’ would do. Does that mean that me finding beauty in another person is me cheating? Funny enough, a rule in my home, that many times we tell each other in jest, is ‘as long as I don’t find out, and you bring nothing home, then it’s not cheating.’ Another good one that we say is ‘if we talk about it first before we go and do anything, and the other agrees that it’s okay, then it’s not cheating.’ Again, this is my relationship and it operates on rules that we are comfortable with. The definition of this topic should be based on the terms of the existing relationship. Furthermore, I never thought there should be a need to hide in your life or in your relationship if there is complete trust. If I had to worry about my husband checking my phone for any reason, he wouldn’t be my husband. If I feel incumbent to check his phone, for any reason, then I should divorce him now. It’s his phone for a reason, and if he were to be having an affair, it’s only a matter of time that I figure out and act accordingly. The same rule applies with him. Deleting messages and operating in secret seems juvenile when if you’re bold enough to do it, then do it in plain sight.

  2. waldo says:

    yes this is true. and when someone tells you your boyfriend looks like your cousin, it’s better to take a step back and think before you delete.

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