The Rewritten Rules of Sex

I found this an interesting read…mostly because I think it illustrates a true cultural shift in the manner that women understand and handle their sex lives. I grew up in the 80’s, full of contradictions…(e.g., Women’s rise in the corporate boardroom was not necessarily parallel to confidence levels concerning their own sexual desires/conduct.)…and struggled with balancing my erotic desires with cultural norms, until culture began to realign to something much more reflective of those desires. That said, it’s quite lovely to see this new zeitgeist manifested…if even in the most simplistic of ways. I am not sad to bid fair well to the 90’s “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” mentality (which I always translated to read as, “Our sexual desires will never match and so why even try, rather as women let’s just pander to men’s ideas regarding sex.”) to something much more well…REAL. Interested to know if you agree…or not…xxx, Dr. NB.


Our generation has a very different dating culture than generations before us. We have replaced phone calls with texting, speed dating with Tinder, and dates with hookups. This isn’t to say that romance is dead, I like to believe it’s just our way of being efficient. In a world that moves so fast, who has time to waste on what TLC would call “scrubs”? Our efficient dating style allows us to pick through the weeds and eventually find someone lovely.

A new dating culture also means new rules for sex. The old rules go something like this:

1. Never have sex on the first date. You’ll look too easy.

2. Unless the guy wants it. If you don’t put out you’ll look like a prude.

3. If you have sex on the first date, you might lose your power! Keep him waiting, make him work for it.

4. Sex is…

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