Chest ridiculous: This creepy hand tool allows women to exercise their breasts bigger

Breast implants would be so much more…efficient; however, not as cost effective. Ha. Happy Saturday NymphoBrainiacs! Dr. C.


The Oppai Taisou Hand (breast massager) invented by Takiko Shindo Handy breast massager (Picture: Oppai Taisou Hand)

So here’s the thing…

Women in Japan who are unhappy with the shape and size of their breastage are turning to writer and celebrity midwife (!) Takiko Shindo, who is famed for her ‘breast gymnastics’ (don’t remember those in London 2012), to sort their pups out.

Shindo has developed The Oppai Taisou Hand (which apparently translates to ‘Boob Exercise Hand’ or ‘The Job Every Man Wishes He Had’) which is a pink plastic manual massager that sculpts your bust into plump perky perfection. They say.

Now we’re no doctors, but the ‘science’ – boobs sag because ligaments are clinging to the muscle, and the shape and grip of the OT Hand can separate the ligaments and therefore bounce the boobs back to their original position – leaves us cold.

More than that, digging at yourself with a fuchsia claw is gonna make you…

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