How to give oral sex to a woman

I found this “guide” to oral sex well balanced and accurate. If there is anything I would add it’s that oral sex is a highly individual experience…meaning: ask your partner what she likes and doesn’t. Also…I would add that girl-girl oral sex is a bit different from guy-girl in terms of approach…But , before I offer mine, I am curious about your opinions…xxx dr.c.

additional comment…after some discussion with a girlfriend…DO WHAT YOU’RE GOOD AT! Blog

For many women, oral sex if the source of immense pleasure. The orgasm achieved during oral sex can be much stronger and can bring much more pleasure than climax achieved during regular intercourse.

If you want to become a good lover, it is important that you learned to give your woman this kind of pleasure. The only difficulty lies in the fact that the place that gives her most pleasure when caressed, the clitoris, is hidden in hard to find, dark corner of her body. So often you have to take your time to find and feel her clitoris.

Here’s what you should know before you start.

1. Start by caressing the entire body. Kiss her neck, chest and massage her neck. Touch her most intimate places. Do not rush. Do not take off her clothes right away. Take your time, take off her clothes piece by piece. Try to…

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