In Praise of Underboob!


An analysis of underboob.


I have always carried a fascination with underboob…it’s altogether different from cleavage. Cleavage is warm…inviting…you just want to dive-in…On the other hand, underboob is best viewed from beneath, which gives the “exhibitor” a position of dominance.


Still there is a submissive element to underboob as well…you are viewing “what lies beneath,” the “underbelly” if you will…Maybe that’s why I adore underboob with such ferocity: it encompasses duality…like all of the greatest pleasures in life.


Salute to underboob…and of course, Happy Friday!!!


3 thoughts on “In Praise of Underboob!

  1. Mark says:

    Growing up as a kid it was always how big the girl’s boobs were that mattered to me and all the other boys I knew in the neighborhood and at school. When I was 11 years old I once blurted out to my mom in front of her friends that if I ever got married, it would be to a woman with big boobs! They chuckled, then laughed AT me, then shoo’d me a way. “Boys! pfft !!!”

    Later in life it was more about the appearance of breasts that mattered. Big tits just don’t look good – they are actually an instant turn-off for me; especially breast implants I hate them. Now breasts that can fit snuggly in the cup of my hand, 32-34 c’s for example, well… wowza!

    That first photo you showed, the Underboob meme, that instantly caught my eye. At first I inhaled and went AHHHH (delighted), then I looked closer and although the image was great from a distance, more likely because of her bare abdomen and checkered top, I then exhaled and went OOOOOhhh (in disappointment) because I realized her tits were fake.

    But otherwise that was a sexy photo because fake tits aside, the best view of a woman’s breast is NOT full frontal nudity, but underboob and sideboob shots, especially without the nipple and areola. I would rather see women partially clothed and covered in normal clothing or lingerie, then fully nude. Seeing pictures of women fully nude takes the fun out of it for me and it leaves no room for imagination and discovery.

    Women! Guy’s just can’t compete!

    I’m enjoying your blog so I’ll be sticking around and following too. I don’t know why the image I use for my gravatar is blocked out for G or PG rated sites, but shows for R and X rated sites. My image is not bad. The site I am working on now is called “Right Side Up” at

    I hope one day to lure you into becoming a reader.


    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      i find it interesting that you were disappointed in “fake tits”…my breasts are augmented…and while I agree that overall “natural trumps,” i actually think i am much more proportional now…however, visual pleasure is a highly personal experience…so to each their own…i wonder if you could say a little more about your disappointment…i think i may have a new blog here…on this topic! thank you…and yes i am following your blog!!!

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