Exhibitionism – A very particular type


I have always been more of a voyeur myself, there is something forbidden in viewing someone’s most intimate act. When it comes to exhibitionism, I find that I enjoy the parts which I control…a dance, a strip, etc.; however, to the point of orgasm…no. I am simply too covetous. My orgasm is mine to be shared (consciously) with my lover(s). This may seen a bit at odds as someone who has done adult films and erotic photography and performance…but somehow in those exhibitionistic moments I was able to “pretend” the viewer wasn’t present…it was just “you and me”…it could easily be argued that this was simply expressing an unconscious wish, which I have little doubt of…however, I do find it fascinating which side of the continuum people fall on: Voyeur or Exhibitionist…and as this blog questions: To what extent…would you allow your most vulnerable moments to be exposed? Or does too much exposure take away from the arousal…? dr.c.

A Walk in the Snow

Do you like to be watched? Have you indulged?

A friend told me, the other night, that she had a secret fantasy about someone watching her have an orgasm. Not in a covert or sneaky way, but watching her and her husband have sex, and specifically watching her reach orgasm.

She raised it in the context of a discussion about ‘bucket list’. So, she has never done this in real life, but would like to. I asked her ‘why’ this particular fantasy. She was unsure and little inarticulate on it, but I think her reasons are twofold: (i) it is a fantasy she can indulge in with her husband and not feel threatened; and (ii) as a bit of an ‘attention whore’ she gets to be the complete centre of attention, especially at that point of orgasm – she was clear that her fantasy was to have someone watch her…

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