Late at Night…I Search the Planet for Erotic Destinations…Here’s What I Found

Sometimes, when I have little imagination and even less desire for original content I scour the internet for erotic…stuff. Here’s what tonight’s journey brought us:

In search of some ass…well look no further than the

The Czech Republic



Prague’s Futura Gallery offers the unique experience of crawling into this sculpture’s “hole,” as a statement about the Czech Republic’s politician. The installation is called, “Brown-nosers,” aptly. Once you climb to the top and look into it, you see Czech politicians feeding each other while Queen’s “We Are The Champions” plays loudly. Sounds a little too “real to life”…on a more erotic note…

If you are into bestiality…of the mythical nature, there’s

Pompeii, Italy


If you are more into realism…

Love Valley, Turkey


and behold…The penis rocks, which incidentally occur naturally around the world…in select locations.

And to round out our world travels…here is a classic

Hindu Temples, India


With clearly something for everyone…including contortionists! The temples at Khajuraho were built somewhere between 950 and 1050. These super erotic sculptures are found everywhere in India – particularly on the exteriors of temples. Some say they were built to amuse Indra (leader of the Devas/gods)…we are all amused are we not?

xxx dr.c.

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