Our Distorted Sense of Average – Yes…I’m Talking About Your Penis


Continuing on our topic last week…The Male Member…I came across a blog, written by a man, regarding the reality of that age old question, SIZE. The debate continues as to what constitutes, “big” and “small”….5-7 inches is typically the reported “average size”; however, speaking as a statistician, I can tell you stats are off approximately 40% of the time AND, speaking as a woman, an “average” doesn’t account for personal preference…that said, I was truly moved by one of the blog’s respondents , who I think articulates beautifully how “size matters” to us women:

“I was with a man with what I considered an enormous penis in college. I’d say It was at least 7″, probably 8, with substantial girth. He also had naturally taut, smooth, hairless balls. I was mesmerized by his genitals and can still remember them vividly over a decade later. No other penis has measured up in terms of beauty, length or girth. However, I can’t say that the sex was the best that I’ve ever had or that the man blessed with the perfect cock had any special skills, but we were not in love. I envy the woman he eventually married as I can only imagine the pleasure he could provide with time, love and true intimacy. Those are the things that make sex transcendent, not size. It’s like a woman with spectacular breasts; the person attached to them makes all the difference.” (responder)”

Pleazure Seekers

Size matters. I will get to the caveats, but it has been pretty well established that, anomalies aside, women have a preference toward men with larger penises… or at least a preference agains men with really small ones.

The caveats.. of course: Not to everyone cares… there are 3 billion women on the planet; millions could care less about penis size, but many, many, many do. Similarly, even for those for whom size matters, bigger is not always better.

But those are caveats… for the most part, size does matter.

But size is relative. Big is only big (and small is only small) relative to something else. So.. How big do you think the average penis is?

As a young man, I had always been told that 7 inches – erect – is average. This made sense to me. I knew porn stars were huge, so the 9-10 inch penis…

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