H.R. Giger’s Erotica

“Some people say my work is often depressing and pessimistic, with the emphasis on death, blood, overcrowding, strange beings and so on, but I don’t really think it is.”

(H.R. Giger)

Remembering this great innovative talent… H.R. Giger’s work, however aberrant, alien, mechanistic…was erotic whether it was suggested (in the glisten of wetness or the oddly interlocking body-parts) or overt as his work in Eromechanics…the sensual was always present. He undoubtably influenced multiple generations of deviant minds…and for that he will be missed.

xxx dr.c.

hr_giger_begoetterung_XI2 0009_01 vlad 253_gr erotomechanics_by_h__r__giger_by_awolgina-d4votxf cgsociety-h-r-giger

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