Do Friends Fuck Friends?


This was shared on a Facebook status:


I have got to air this out cause it’s just eating me alive. Friends don’t kiss friends, friends don’t fuck friends, friends don’t get jealous when their friend is talking to somebody else unless the situation is different, friends don’t cuddle with each other, friends don’t call each other babe or baby. Basically if you’re treating your friend as if he or she is something more than that then guess what then that’s what you really want stop over using the word friend cause friends you are not. That’s just misusing the word & that’s how shit gets fucked up. Smh I had to man! 


This is a meaningful and interesting point…well articulated even…as someone who has chosen to be a part of a lifestyle where these lines are slightly blurred (e.g., friends DO sometimes kiss friends, etc.)…this brings up the all important point of establishing well-defined boundaries in ALL of your relationships (e.g., this has to be “ok” with ALL of us involved)…I wonder if others have had similar experiences…?


Curious as to your take readers…xxx dr.c.

3 thoughts on “Do Friends Fuck Friends?

  1. LW says:

    As a person who never wanted marriage, kids or any of the responsibilities of a true long-term, monogamous relationship – I can say that I’ve had my fair share of experiences in this “grey area” of friends/lovers. I believe the key to be, as in most things in life, COMMUNICATION. Be honest, open and respectful with/to all involved.

    Full disclosure – I am currently in (what I consider to be) my first truly meaningful, long-term relationship. I now consider the attitude I’ve had for most of life as somewhat selfish and not pursuant to the fulfillment I’ve found with my current gf. That being said, I wouldn’t change anything. I needed those experiences to appreciate these.

  2. Nick TheAnihhilator says:

    I used to fuck a friend of mine, one day she just shut me outta her life because of her boyfriend. Damn, I miss her. I think we can have sex with anyone, be it our sister, brother or friend, sex is no ugly thing and it has no boundaries.

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