What is a “Real” Woman? – A Ballerina Who Transcends Type


I posted a photo of a model-ballerina yesterday, on my Facebook page, by the name of Aline Riscado (model/dancer/bodybuilder).


She is quite muscular and curvy, which takes nothing away from her talent as an athlete and artist or her obvious beauty as a latin woman.





What struck me was her non-ballerina-like body, proving that pre-determined definitions off “type” can be transcended. What disturbed me were comments like, “Well her ass is fake!”…Does it REALLY matter?




We are clearly not talking about extreme or disfiguring surgical changes here to the point of inhuman proportion…and…Yes, I understand the complexities of plastic surgery from a feminist perspective; yes, I get that in many ways it perpetuates objectification…HOWEVER, I also understand that it is a personal decision and SHAMING a woman for individual choices made about her own body is detrimental as it only reinforces objectification of self.



It would be nice to accept a woman, as she presents herself with or without “fake parts”…because believe you me…SHE IS ALL *REAL* WOMAN…NO MATTER WHAT!

xxx dr.c.

Enjoy Aline in action here (below)…her workout is crazy:



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