The Fallacy of Sexual Freedom: Our Bodies Our Sins


This quote from Budokon University founder Cameron Shayne, who is a practitioner of his own style of therapeutic yoga, martial arts, and lifestyle interventions, moved me to reflection; particularly the first and last passages:

“We shame our children by teaching them that their naked bodies should be covered, because we ourselves somehow are in sin when nude, or we project our own sexuality on children’s nudity.”

Our culture seems to struggle needlessly when necessarily making nudity and sex mutually exclusive…while there is an undeniable connection, the uncoupling of these concepts…to celebrate our bodies…allows us to enjoy an entirely new experience of expression, freedom, and self-love…which extends to the love of an-other…and ultimately leads to an increase in the love we share for ALL others.

Holding this view, when we then consider our sexuality…and our sexual energy…as connected and yet untied to our bodies…we see that,

“Everything creative and inspiring has an element of sexuality. Sexual energy is creation itself.”

There are so many other levels to this quote that beg to be addressed: the impact of pornography, objectification, and religion…I am hoping some of you readers might continue the discussion…

Happy Hump Day Loverz, dr.c.

3 thoughts on “The Fallacy of Sexual Freedom: Our Bodies Our Sins

  1. badasskona says:

    I once had some equally naked jerk threaten to turn me into the cops because I had my 3-year-old daughter with me at a clothing optional beach! It’s difficult, sometimes, for parents to introduce their children to a natural lifestyle and acceptance of nudity

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