Why I Don’t Like “LGBT”

“Basically, sexuality is more complicated than most people realise. As the above image shows, a person’s sexuality is made up by a wide variety of factors, including their:
biological sex (are they physically male, female, inter-sex, etc.)
gender identity (whether they identify as male, female etc.)
sexual orientation (gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, etc.)
romantic orientation (who they choose to form strong, intimate relationships with), and
sexual behaviour (pretty straight forward)
My problem with the term “LGBT” (or even LGBTIA) is that tends to ignore all of this and instead focuses on providing everyone with a rigid category to fit them in.
Take me for instance. Biologically, I am male. Gender-wise, I identify as male but I do have some “womanly” characteristics. Strictly speaking, I am bisexual since I am physically attracted to both men and women.”

I don’t think that’s ANYONE’S sexuality/gender-role attachment/biology are all completely in sync…rather they exist on a multi-dimensional, shifting continuum…this reality doesn’t make us “confused” or “overly complicated” it makes us HUMAN and BEAUTIFUL!

Equal Voice

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