Why Don’t ‘cha Tell me How You REALLY Feel?!

An absolutely adorably smirky (yes, smirky…as a adjective)  company on Etsy called ForTheLoveofWords has introduced such a irreverent, smart, and sexy line of greeting cards that definitely do NOT mince words.

Check ’em:

il_570xN.421472751_51d0 il_570xN.486355742_idee il_570xN.418281638_84le il_570xN.486394553_rr2s il_570xN.420668002_n7ts

Now I KNOW there is someone in your life who is deserving of such a “greeting”, you naughty #NymphoBrainaics !!…One or two people cum to mind for me…xxx dr.c.

3 thoughts on “Why Don’t ‘cha Tell me How You REALLY Feel?!

  1. Avery says:

    Thanks for posting about our store! We’ve noticed a lot of traffic coming from your blog, so we wanted to offer an exclusive coupon to you and your readers (I know…we’re just super nice like that). When you guys buy 3 cards, you’ll receive free shipping! Just type coupon code: WHOACOOL21 when prompted at check out. There is no expiration. We have new and totally appropriately inappropriate new cards, so come check them out. 🙂

    Avery, Co-Founder of Awkcards.

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