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Are All Erections the Same? Men Discuss the Differences

(article reposted from Psychology Today)


or the last six months, I have included a question on my sex survey asking men if their early-morning (waking) erections feel the same or different than the erections they get when they are sexually aroused. Their responses have been a reminder to me of how important it is to listen carefully when it comes to a person’s experience of his or her own body. As you’ll soon see, some of the responses contradict others. 

Men’s early morning erections can be confusing for female partners, because most women assume that erections are a result of sexual arousal. Otherwise, why would a guy have one?* Yet there are at least two different kinds of erections: the usual kind that results from feeling turned on, and the kind that occurs during REM or dream sleep.

When a man is in REM sleep, he frequently has an erection, whether he’s dreaming about being chased by wolves or about the love of his life. When he wakes up early in the morning, he is often waking from REM sleep, so he may wake up with a REM-related erection. REM erections are triggered by a different part of the brain than erections that result from sexual arousal. This means that psychologically, these two different types of erection have little, if anything, in common.


Here are some of the responses from men regarding their perception of what a morning (waking) erection feels like vs. erections that result from sexual arousal:

“Morning erections almost never feel sexy. More like ‘in the way’. Even if I have sex in the morning with a pre-existing erection, I still need to get some emotion into it. –Male, age 39

“Oddly enough, my morning erections are WAY harder and more persistent than my arousal erections. I have no idea why, but it basically always results in me giving in and beating the devil out of it or having sex if my partner is so gracious and willing in the morning.” –Male, age 21

“Morning erections are different—more of a nuisance. Unwanted morning boners are almost a buzzkill since you know they are not leading to anything.” –Male, age 23

“Real arousal will always result in a much harder erection than the ones I have when I wake.” –Male, age 25

“Different. Morning wood feels much more intense than regular arousal, and my penis is much more sensitive as well.” –Male, age 22

“Arousal erections feel like total erections; they are much more firm than morning erections.” –Male, age 42

“Erections when aroused seem to be the source of an indescribable feeling that causes me to act. I can almost feel arousal in my gut (if that makes sense). Morning wood doesn’t have that. Morning erections aren’t typically accompanied by a sense of drive.” –Male age 34

“Different. Morning erections are slightly uncomfortable and I am usually not aroused initially. An erection when I am aroused is only uncomfortable because I feel like I need relief, but in a good way.” –Male, age 27

“Morning erections are a lot harder. I think too much when I’m flirting or getting aroused so erections that come when I’m turned on are not crazy hard.” –Male, age 23

“The erections I get from feeling aroused are stronger and firmer, sometimes even slightly painful, while a morning erection can sometimes go unnoticed at first. Morning erections are rarely sexual for me, and it is not often that I feel compelled to do something about them.” –Male, age 18

“My morning erections are sometimes harder to the point of pain, and are a lot less sensitive.” –Male, age 18

“In the morning they tend to be softer and more relaxed but very sensitive.” –Male, age 53

“Erections in the morning are usually hard as can be, along with the urge to urinate. However, the heat from it and sensitivy to touch are much less in the morning than when I am aroused.” –Male, age 35

“They start off different, just like my body is working out the muscles in my penis, but if I begin thinking about it and my wife or I touch it, it quickly changes into an aroused erection.” –Male, age 25

“It is all a matter of how I am thinking and how I choose to handle it. Otherwise one feels the same as the next typically.” –Male, age 24

“Well, morning erections feel more awkward because there’s not really sexual desire compared to when I’m aroused. So basically it’s just blood down there making sure everything is right.” –Male, age 20

“I’d say I just have minor erections in the morning, without much feel to it and mostly they’re down before I get up.” –Male, age 24

“Different feeling. Morning erections are uncomfortable.” –Male, age 47

“They are often extremely hard when I wake up, and not quite as rock-solid when I’m aroused, though it depends on the stimuli of course.” –Male, age 23

“When I have an arousal erection, my penis feels ‘plugged in’ to the rest of me. It’s much more of a lightning rod for sensations, so that any attention it receives is immediately very pleasurable. My morning erections are kind of just there.” –Male, age 35

“Different, because I’m not wanting anything from the morning erections, it’s more of just an inconvenience.” –Male, age 21

“Morning erections are awesome! It’s what all my erections used to feel like! As I have aged, erections in arousal require more focus.” –Male, age 51

“Morning erections are often a nuisance as I am getting to old to stand on my head to pee.” –Male, age 58

“Morning wood feels different. Its usually harder and seems thicker.” –Male, age 20

“Morning wood is different ’cause when I’m aroused I wanna ejaculate.” –Male, age 25


The article also makes the point that “morning wood” isn’t about a need to urinate, which I didn’t know…and has always assumed. Overall, I was fascinated by the seemingly conflicting accounts of how “morning wood” is experienced…some men are turned-on, some not, others are hyper sensitive, still experience very little in the way of sensation…funny how I assumed that what may be considered an autonomic response should necessitate a universal experience! Truly…we are unique and fantastic sexual beings!

Happy Hump Day!!



2 thoughts on “Morning Wood – A #HumpDay Blog for the Men

  1. Tarnished says:

    If I may skew up your results a bit;

    My morning erections are always accompanied by a sense of sexual urgency. When I get aroused by myself or my lover, it feels like I *can* go slow if I want to…there’s the option of tension, desirability, teasing, etc. whereas my morning wood is a persistent need for release right-the-fuck-now. There’s been times when I’m running late for work and I don’t have time to take care of it and it basically is in the back of my mind all day long. Even for the majority of times, when I do indulge, it takes more orgasms to make it go away than a regular erection would. In other words, I can have a single orgasm during 2 hours of sex with my lover and I can be sated with that…but my A.M. erections demand at least 5 orgasms from me before it leaves me alone for good.

    – female with gender dysphoria, age 29

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