“I jeopardised my career with my naughty behaviour”

20110923-022647.jpgThis is such a compelling question particularly for my NymphoBrainiacs: DO YOU FEEL YOUR NAUGHTY BEHAVIOR CAN/DOES/HAS NEGATIVELY IMPACTED YOU WORK/CAREER/JOB?…Upon reflection there have definitely been, one in particular, where I can say that my “naughty behavior” impacted my career…and if I am completely honest, it is perhaps the reason I shifted from the clinical work to the private sector…That said, I also think that no act is completely “mindless” meaning that, if I chose to engage in behavior that may jeopardize my career (e.g., erotic parties, nude photography, sensual performance art) the there is a good chance (albeit unconscious) that I WANTED TO DO JUST THAT…that my career wasn’t somehow meeting my needs, desires, goals…and if I am completely honest…it wasn’t…and now, in a career where there is a clear line between my performance at work and my play-time “performances”…I am actually able to maintain and claim a balance that makes me happy. Hmmmnnn…perhaps we aren’t just sexual beasts roaming the planet for gratification…maybe, just MAYBE we want something more…xxx dr.c.

4 thoughts on ““I jeopardised my career with my naughty behaviour”

  1. jeanette says:

    I have a very high sexual drive and I’m constantly looking at porn , at work!! I don’t use the computer but I’ve almost gotten caught by my boss several times. Moreover, I think as I feel like I’m getting caught brings me to sexual gratification. What can I say, I’m a perv at heart 😉

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