Great Tips For Great Head

While some of the commentary, “most women don’t particularly like giving blow jobs,” I do NOT agree with…the techniques I think are solid! Enjoy! xxx c.

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Don’t get me wrong, all men love oral sex. If you’re down there, he’ll be loving it, that’s almost a guarantee. But if you want to try and blow his mind with your blowjob, follow a few of these tips, and you’ll see the results ladies!

1. Use Your Hands

Make an O with your hand, and link it together with your mouth. This way, it will feel much more like you’re taking all over him, when in reality, you’re taking around two thirds of it.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

Funnily enough, guys can get a little lonely up there, so if you glance up at him every now and then, with a little cheeky gleam in your eye, it will turn him on more than you’d know.

3. There’s No Need To Suffer In Silence

Granted, while some women don’t particularly like giving blowjobs, they suffer through it until…

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