The Ms. Fat Booty Scenario: She Leaves HIM for HER…is it Worse?

Good-morning Sexies, here’s something for your Hump-day…The song is more than 10 years old, but I still love Ms. Fat Booty…wonder why (lol).


So Hump-Day thought: What about a woman who leaves her man for another woman?!:

Three months, she call ‘I feel I’m runnin a fever’
Six months, I’m tellin her I desperately need her
Nine months, flu-like symptoms when shorty not around
I need more than to knock it down I’m really tryin to lock it down
Midnight we hook up and go at it
Burn a stogger, let her know, sweetheart I got to have it

She tellin me commitment is somethin she can’t manage
Wake up the next morning, she gone like it was magic
Ahh damnit! This all Harrison Ford frantic
My 911 wasn’t answered by my fly Taurus enchantress
Next week, who hit me up, I saw Sharice at the kitty club
With some banging ass Asian playin lay it down and lick me up
What!?” (Mos Def)

Is it somehow better, worse, or the same as being left for another man? And if so why? As a man, does being left for a woman tap into a masculinity issue? Or is it somehow soothing, “At least she didn’t leave me for another man!”


Also, from a woman’s perspective, is it different if your man leaves you for another man? It necessarily must be, because our gender-roles are so different when it comes to romantic relationships. While I have no first-hand experience (yet), I can predict I would feel betrayed because sexual-orientation is such a basic part of personality, the fact that he wouldn’t share that with me would be hurtful…whereby, feelings of shame probably offer an explanation there (e.g., men on the down-low).

Listen, I get it being broken-up with, no matter what the circumstance, sucks…still it becomes an interesting gender-study when you add the element of bisexuality into the mix, particularly when it was never realized in the relationship.

Carry on, with your Happy Humpday! xxx dr.c.

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