Crossdressing photography book hopes to grow transgender awareness in Japan

“I’m a woman, but I love people who crossdress. Although I’m often asked why, to me it’s clear that if they’re cute or beautiful it doesn’t matter what gender they are. The world has decided that “men should be this way” which is just disrespectful and off-base. You should be able to do by whatever you personally like. Having realized that, I love and cherish those who peruse such a life. Don’t judge these otoko no ko from the viewpoint a woman or a man is expected to have, but by what naturally moves your heart. Then you’ll see it a different way. There’s a lot more going on; facial expressions, gestures, fashion, and contexts to name a few. Keep these ideas in mind when you pick up this book and you may feel like a freer person when you’re done.”


Crossdressing in mainstream media of Japan is still somewhat in its infancy. While on a nightly basis you can easily catch a crossdresser or transsexual person on TV, they often are presented as 2D characters offering little insight to who they really are or why they lead such a life.

“Transgender” and “gay” are still synonymous to many people, but this is a situation that is steadily changing with greater awareness provided by works such as Yuri Danshi which was released on 31 July, and covers nine cross-dressing men in a wide range of styles and fashions from girl-next-door to gyaru.

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2 thoughts on “Crossdressing photography book hopes to grow transgender awareness in Japan

  1. Chris says:

    I was feminized a few years ago and recently I was outed and displayed in public dressed as a female,and these girls look so lovely.

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