I Looked Through My Husband’s Phone And Found Out He Was Cheating

“I wonder if it’s possible to have a love affair that lasts forever.”
— Andy Warhol

I have so many competing emotions, opinions, and philosophies when it comes to cheating, affairs, monogamy, relationships, polyamory…that I think it’s safe to say that each and every interpersonal situation, whether it’s about love or sex (or both) needs to be handled individually , with compassion, and without judgment…I read once that nothing is fair in love or war, and I think I must agree. xxx c.

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There was a storm brewing outside.

The wind was lashing out its might, tipping lamp posts and creaking dilapidated roofs that could fall off anytime. Proverbial gloom was everywhere, ashen clouds hovering above, signaling the ongoing inclement weather.

You should still be sleeping in this bed weather, with your husband’s arm wrapped snugly around you, but you forced yourself to get ready to work. You woke up, thinking this would just be an ordinary day. And then, while he was on the shower, you saw his phone. Never did you try to look into it, but something tells you you should. And you did. Now, reality hit you in the face, crushing your sanity to near-fatal intensity.

Call it a curse or a blessing, but you cannot seem to shake this…

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