4 Signs Your Relationship Is Totally Over

“4. You Make Excuses. Excuses are monuments of inadequacy. If you are making them, you need to question why. If you know your guy isn’t stepping up to par, but you continue to defend his behaviors to those around you, it might be time to second guess your decisions. Not everyone is perfect, why when you continue to make excuses for someone when you know you deserve better, what are you waiting for. If he’s too tired, too stressed, too overwhelmed to be a good boyfriend, then you are too busy for his bullshit. ” – yep. xxx c.

Thought Catalog

Everyone knows that beginning stage of a relationship, commonly referred to as the “honeymoon phase.” During this phase you automatically annoy everyone around you with your googly eyes and nonstop banter about your beau. Nothing else in the world exists except you and this other person. They become a part of you. But what happens when the excitement fades? When reality sets in? How do you tell the difference between the end of love at first sight versus simply not meant to be?

1. Communication runs dry. Communication is at the very heart of every relationship. When you first meet someone new, the connection is the most exciting part — someone you can talk and share things with, and they actually care what you have to say. You can talk to them about everything and nothing, of every minute, of every waking hour, and never get enough. Texts throughout the…

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