Best Relationship Advice. Ever.

As much as I try to avoid gender stereotypes in relationship-advice…there are some things here that ring true when in a straight or gay or even polyamorous union…so MEN & WOMEN, LISTEN UP!


I have no idea where this originated.  I did not write it, but I think it’s pretty brilliant!  If you know where it originated, please post in the comments below so that we can pay credit where credit is due.  🙂


LADIES….listen up. Marriage is not easy. It takes compromise, work, and commitment. And….HOT SEX. Seriously. If you are not curling your man’s toes with some mind blowing, Holy Shit that was awesome, I’m gonna think about that all day tomorrow kinda shit…..SOMEONE ELSE WILL. Eventually….he will get frustrated, and that skank he wanted to hook up with in high school will pop up, or his co worker will start to look hot. Taking care of that stuff is part of the job description in a relationship….and, you should be wanting that, too. MEN….here is your part. Run a vacuum, do the damn dishes, bring home some flowers, listen…

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