Things that make you go…”Hmmmnnnnn…?”
“In the annals of depictions of the female form, very little attention has been paid to low viewpoints. Even throughout the history of art from cave paintings to the Renaissance, boobs are largely viewed from the front or possibly above. Television censorship usher in the advent of the side-boob, yet the bottom-boob is an unrelentingly rare sight.

We hypothesize that there exists something frighteningly powerful under them that causes them to never be seen.”



A new paper released by RocketNews24’s department of Cybermammography addresses the controversial topic of images depicting women’s chests from below.

Having scoured countless images of scantily clad women researchers have found that women are mostly seen from the front or the top looking down. However, pictures taken from below are few and far between.

What exists beneath women’s breasts that makes photographers not want to view it? Realizing the possibility of encounters with minotaurs or magic, our team bravely inspects the underside of a woman’s chest.

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