Thrilling Thursday: Get Wild, Not WET (Adult Sex Product Review)

Truth be told…we all get WET…ladies.

And that fact is both a blessing and a curse, if you will…making sex deliciously slippery AND making it a damn big mess…and depending on how often you are engaging in sex (with yourself and/or another/others) you are washing your sheets A LOT if you tend of the WETTER side of the lubrication continuum.

For me extreme wetness is a frequent reality, one that I have alternately been accepting of and slightly embarassed by for most of my adult life, “Why?” you ask. Well, without going into details, it’s MESSY and truth be told…in the end…someone ALWAYS has to sleep in the wet spot…unless you huddle to the edge of the bed and risk a fall!

So when a friend sent me information about “No More Wet Spot” I was intrigued.


“Now, No One has to sleep on the wet spot!

After years of arguing over who gets the “WetSpot” after sex we decided to do something about it. We’ve come up with this 100% Polyester waterproof blanket that is made with a “cool dry” fleece. It is specifically designed to catch fluids from sex and lube. The 50” X 60” size makes it a great fit for any surface, be it bed, couch, chair, backseat of the car or anywhere else your sex adventure takes you. It’s not bulky and can sit anywhere inconspicuously, cleverly disguised as a throw blanket. The unique bonding process brings together a soft luxurious feel with rugged durability and easy wash ability. The waterproof barrier between the two layers keep you away from your surfaces and your surfaces dry as you play, and once you’ve had your fun, just throw it in the wash and put it away till next time.”

Essentially the product works similarly to those snazzy UnderArmor or Nike running garments that wick water away from your skin surface and keep you dry during long runs. They work. And so, while I haven’t tried this particular product, there is no reason to think that the same logic wouldn’t apply.

Color me EXXXCITED…because now:


If any of you have tested this product please feel free to comment I would love to know what you think…sure beats using a towel!



3 thoughts on “Thrilling Thursday: Get Wild, Not WET (Adult Sex Product Review)

  1. NoMoreWetSpot Inventor says:

    Well well well. I was checking our traffic logs for and followed a few hits back to you! Thanks!
    I’m guessing you came across us at one of the Taboo, Naughty but nice shows. I read through a great portion of your blog and love it. Please keep up the great work. I’m posting a link from our facebook site ( )and hope that some of our members will come and check out your blog and perhaps answer the question you’ve posed!

  2. Christine Ellis says:

    I LOVE my blanket!!! it saves my mattress…… it also lets me totally enjoy my sexual experience with out the worry attached because of the wet spot…. washes up just like towls and really does keep whatever is underneath dry…….. don’t like to hump with out it now 😉

  3. Phil says:

    I love the product, especially as I was the one that had to sleep on the wet spot. (My girlfriend is quite the squirtet!) It’s just the right size and works well. As an added bonus it’s nice and warm when you first lay on it. It washes up easily too. We always pack it when we go on vacation. A must have for all squirters!

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