Sexercise…Solutions to Dieting

After multiple scandalous posts on Facebook and Instagram, it was determined by observant friends that I am orally fixated today.

And so…in the interest of self-realization, and with the help of one kind soul, I present you with this slightly nasty, definitely naughty image.

And remember when considering a healthy diet…always keep your lover/s…in mind!

Happy Monday…it’s nice to be back…and yes, promises of more substantial posts to cum…errr…COME!



7 thoughts on “Sexercise…Solutions to Dieting

  1. WantU2bDeepNme says:

    The picture is pure erotic! I think that the “Facial” is one of the best ways a submissive one can show there submission to there lover! Being a sub bottom my self it is pure joy to have this all over me, which I do not get enough of in life! Simply HOTT… Oh how I wish this was me kneeling in front of a black alpha male top who know how to put me in my place…

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