A Poem: Reliving (You)

Why is it that I relish the time that I am alone

to savor our intimacy,

let it run through my imagination,

allow it to tickle my deepest senses?

Releasing my mind,

I slip into that secret space between

consciousness and un-…

where I can feel your hand sliding

along the curve of my thigh,

taste you neck warming

to my open lips.

These memories enter me as you do,


I piece the experience together  like an almost forgotten sensation…

the first time you smelled a rose

and brushed its velvety petals

to your lips,

feeling its caress.

I let my tongue wrap slowly

around my finger,

and feel your tongue.

These sensations fill my fantasies.

The raw energy.

The harsh grip of your hands along my pelvis.

As we begin,

the only barrier is my body’s resistance,

which quickly turns to acceptance.

Images become fluid scenes

that seem to slide

into one moving feeling.

Now, your thrust has a sharp clarity

edging on pain…

deep inside.

The kind of pain

that can only be described as


These moments, as I lay alone

I am thinking of you, of us…

and more than that…

I am reliving how I love

your touch,

your lips,

your taste,


(Conchita, 1994)

*image by shutterbugbourdoir.com for pastease.com

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