‘Fitness for Better Sex’ – You Better Believe IT!

Physical activity has always been important to me.

Whether it was ballet, or gymnastics, horseback riding, or swimming…as a child my mother instilled in me a strong connection between mind and body that sustained through adulthood.

If my body is healthy and strong, my mind is healthy and strong.

One doesn’t supersede the other, and although I certainly hold the mental above the physical…in terms of attraction…I know for me, one accompanies the other.

Because of this belief, as an adult, working-out is like brushing my teeth: a necessary behavior for maintaining my health and preventing illness…and something that keeps me fresh and shiny…(ok well perhaps I went a little overboard with that metaphor).

Seriously though, I think that fitness is as much a part of who I am as any of my characterlogical qualities, and most of the time it feels less like something I “have to do,” and more like something I, “won’t do without.”

What about the obvious connection:

Fitness and sex (?)

The theoretical connection (equation) might look something like this:

Look Good + Feel Good = (Feel + Look Sexier)/More Sex.

With such statistical proof…one would wonder why everyone isn’t working-out RIGHT NOW!

Which brings me to a concept like ForTra (“Foreplay Training for better sex.”) founded by the brilliant and beautiful Kat ForTra, her link is over here to the right on my blog (ForTraDVD.com) where she always has some wonderfully informative and sexy tips regarding the fitness-sexual health connection.

Her theory is a mutually dependent concept:

Sexual stimulation will improve your workout,

and your fitness level improves through sexual satisfaction (by self and/or other).

That said, when I consider the healthiest relationships in my life, and I have had a myriad of extremes, I think that the most balanced ones were those in which BOTH partners (or all, in some cases) engaged in and committed to in a consistent fashion some form of exercise or fitness. This cannot be a coincidence. I am not suggesting that anyone (myself included) was some sort of fitness fanatic, who has time for that sort of thing, rather I am saying that I believe a real correlation exists between the level of one’s confidence and satisfaction with his or her sex life and their level of fitness. If we can set aside the obvious pleasure of an in-shape body (who wants to, but suspend your disbelief for a second), and focus on our own experience of self…

Fit feels better.

Being healthy allows you to experience yourself more fully as a sexual being, and in turn can only impact your sex life positively!

I know this all sounds like a given, but I wonder how often when we are at the gym…pounding out reps…we are also saying to ourselves:


Yet, in essence…it is.

Something tells me our next workout (yours and mine) will need no further motivation.

With that, on this Wet Wednesday…cheers to busting out that extra rep…for SEX, if nothing else!



(All images by http://www.BPSProductions.com)

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