Cummings and Goings…

I have to admit, it does strike me as odd that a blog (my blog) about so much cumming also includes so many goings

However, upon further reflection it seems apt…legit even.

When you think about it, every cumming necessitates a going.

But let me not get tied too tightly to semantics here and get right to the point:

Relationships, all kinds of relationships, have a beginningand some (most)…an ending.

Coincidentally, the former is usually more pleasant than the latter, which shouldn’t dissuade us…I mean we can’t cum unless we begin….right?

And isn’t the ending also an opportunity to begin again?

I say we all (and by that I mean myself and perhaps many of you) could utilize this knowledge to…


Stick out our thumb



because while it can never be guaranteed that we will be cumming,

If we are open to the experience

We will always be going, somewhere.

I realize this blog was a bit…metaphorical, perhaps even frustratingly so…it was to me in a way, even writing it. But, it needed to be. Recently ending a long friendship, I needed to create a little distance from the experience, even in reflecting, in order to see the positive attributes of separation. Anyway, thank you for muddling along with me, through the sexy and not-so-sexy…at least it’s all real.

xxx conchita.

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