New Explorations…

This weekend will be my first private event in a long while, and to say I am  excited would be an understatement.

I began throwing events in NYC almost 10 years ago and have always had partners as I enjoy the discovery of collaboration. This event is in collaboration with Sax DMA from The Vanilla Party (check their blog HERE, tasty images abound!), and promises to be a rather eclectic and entertaining new beginning. As you know, if you have perused any aspect of my blog, I enjoy fantasy and costume paired with anything erotic, and you can be sure this event will encompass all three of those essential components!

1. Fantasy: A “Back to School” theme

2. Costume:  Nerds, sexy school girls, pervy gym coaches, jocks, and geeks will represent

3. Erotic: I am not sure I have ever thrown a party where everyone actually kept their clothes on!

The most compelling part of this event is that it is NOT for any single group or subgroup (swingers, hipsters, BDSM, fetish, alt, gay, straight, black., white…you get the idea), this event is for EVERYONE!

Everyone who desires a bit more titillation and substance from their night-out, those who want to go home with memories that make them grin and maybe a bite mark or two to make them cringe the next day…and then smile!

When I started throwing parties it was to bring people together, to offer a space that would foster the development a unique network of friends who don’t judge rather who love, accept, and encourage. I have that. I am thankful…and to be honest I just want to keep it going…for YOU…for me!


xxx conchita.

Great to Be a Nerd

It’s great to be a nerd, it’s great to be a nerd
The only light we ever see is from our moniter

We argue about comic books and internet connections
The biggest highlight of the year is the star trek convention
Our town’s not big enough to sign up any stars
But we once met a red shirt who was phasered by a borg
(man, he knew mr. sulu!) (what? )

It’s great to be a nerd, it’s great to be a nerd
We wear our star trek uniforms and talk like captain kirk

We have our own heroes who we try to emulate
I dream of one day being as sexy as bill gates
We hate watching sports ’cause we’re reading carl sagan
But we’d watch the olympics if they played dungeons and dragons
(I’m a hobbitt! ha ha ha ha!)

It’s great to be a nerd, it’s great to be a nerd
We think tolkein was a genius and shakespeare was a turd

We rarely get a date or get talked to by a girl
Unless they’re having trouble with their algebra homework
We’re emotionally bereft and we’re sexually frustrated
But we can download photographs of agent scully naked

It’s great to be a nerd, it’s great to be a nerd
We know the truth is out there but we’d have to leave our room

We are the nerds in your neighbourhood
Polyester’s a fashion statement
But there’s more room on the beach for you
’cause we’re locked in our basement

It’s great to be a nerd, it’s great to be a nerd
We like to wear colours that do not appear in nature

It’s great to be a
Poorly-dressed fashionless
Star trekking roleplaying
Ninety pound when wet down
Pasty skinned pop drinking
Underfed genius
Yes, it’s great to be a nerd

(from Arrogant Worms)

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