Wet Wednesday: Get Your Sex-ercise On!

As you may have gleaned, fitness and health are an important part to my life….everyday…so it should also seem a natural correlation to SEX!

It IS Wet Wednesday after all.

And on this fine day I have some rather intimate workouts for you…

Ladies first; I present an upgrade from the classic Ben Wa ball: the Geisha Ball (love the name) and it VIBRATES!

Simply insert it in your vagina; the movements you make while walking give you a continual massage. It also keeps the pelvic muscles in shape, allowing you more pleasure during sex.

Shots Toys Geisha Super Ball Erotic Exercise Ball Waterproof Purple

($13.99 at Katerina’s Closet, you save 11% off retail)

I wonder how it would feel if you did jumping jacks after insertion…hmmmnn.

But I digress…For the men I have the penis barbell. Okay it’s a bit of a gag-toy, but something I would LOVE to see (in use) nonetheless!

Original Pecker Exerciser

($6.79 at Katerina’s Closet, 7% off retail)

As the manufacturer points out:

“You exercise every part of your body with weights, why should your pecker be any different? It is after all a muscle as well. Keep your pecker in shape with the Original Pecker Exerciser and see how strong and muscular your pecker gets! You’ll be able to lift your partner with just your pecker alone!”

Ummmm…what a selling point and who wouldn’t want to see THAT!?!?

So, along with a hearty chuckle, I hope you’ve enjoyed these offerings for Wet Wednesday, a special thank you to Katerina’s Closet for keeping me entertained (wink, wink), and…trust that you all know the BEST EXERCISE IS…SEX-ERCISE!!!

xxx c.

(image by BPS Productions for ForTradvd.com)

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