Introductions NEEDED on this Thrilling Thursday: Meet “Minxie” of MINXINX – Artist, Blogger, & Generally Amazing Woman!

I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to a like-minded and extremely talented young woman, an artist and fellow-blogger with a distinct attitude and style that embodies both sexiness AND strength! I think her self-introduction does her justice:

“To keep things basic I have a big heart, a loud mouth, a passion to dance my troubles away and I’m painter, artist, whichever one you prefer. I have pushed myself to make the name Minxinx not only to stand out but to ‘wow’ you. Over the years this character has evolved into so much more. Being plastered on walls, canvases, bags, t- shirts, and naked women. Yes, a naked woman on a naked woman. So here I am, ready to move this forward. I am willing, driven, and most definitely in control… and no one can stop me.”

— PLEASE CHECK OUT HER BLOG and support her artwork…which is ALL UP for sale! This is the artist with her work…which is pretty fantastic:

She is currently doing a series called “Mini You” which she describes:

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the mini sketches I draw of my outfits. I’m getting many requests that you guys want your own. So of course I aim to please.
I’ll charge a small fee of $5 for each. A tiny sketch, nothing fancy.
Starting now if you would like to have your own mini-you all you have to do is this:
* Email me at 
* Include a picture of yourself from head to toe
* Subject: Mini You
I’ll respond with how to make the payment and I’ll get started right away! That simple!

Pretty cool, if you ask me…the humor in her style is contageous…I always find myself smiling when I look at one of her images!



I’ve started doing “Mini You’s ” , which originally started as mini sketches of my outfits.

So I randomly picked a photo from one of my followers on instagram and came up with this sketch.

Here’s a close up:

  • 2minxinx – Mini sketch of @conchitanyc …. Hope you like! Thanks for following.
  • conchitanyc  – this is great!!!! Your style is so unique & refined…with a great sense of humor! Saving & Sharing! Thank you! Xxx
  • 2minxinx –  I’m so glad you like it, thank you!
  • conchitanyc –  You know…i just went to your blog…totally in love with your work!  Like candy for your eyes…I hope you don’t mind if I share your site on my blog…now…which piece to buy…?? Too many choices!
  • 2minxinx –  Thank you so much! I def don’t mind at all. When you do please let me know I would love to re-post your site back…

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