Written in…BLOOD!

“No one ever thinks of how much blood it costs.”Dante Alighieri

The raw sensuality of the underground club scene is immediately evident as we follow an unsuspecting human as he stumbles through the crowd of increasingly aggressive (and as yet un-revealed) vamps…The techno beats hit hard…and drop-by-drop…it starts to rain…BLOOD!

BLOOD begins to spew from the warehouse’s sprinkler system and what was once a night out dancing has become a blood bath of flesh and fiends writhing in the gore.

One female vamp purrs to the human, “What’s wrong baby?” And is answered with a frightened shriek…as the vampires reveal their fangs in what we are to expect will soon become a feeding frenzy. Until, crawling through the blood soaked floor, our human comes upon a savior…BLADE.

The blood bath scene from Blade (1998) is a favorite, and arguably one of the most dramatic opening scenes of any film.

This may seem an odd way to return to blogging…after my weeks of absence, but sometimes what inspires is hardly predictable or easily understood…rather it should be grasped, held, and swiftly expressed!

It’s nice to be back. Thank you, to the writing Gods and Goddesses who have once again…returned to me. And a very heartfelt THANK YOU to those friends who have quietly nudged.

“Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.”  ~E.L. Doctorow

See you a little later, for a return to The Dungeon!



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