Thrilling Thursday: Stick Those Lips!

This week has been busy…work has been filling my days…and nights, which doesn’t sound like much fun and certainly puts a kink (not the good kind) in my writing…but I do love my “real” job and so…here it is Thursday and I need to write about a sex toy–I mean even if I have the worst writer’s block…sex toys always inspire!

This week lipstick has been on my mind, in a few different contexts:

1.   I am obsessed with the perfect shade of orange lipstick, of late.

2.   Having bought and worn the “shade a la orange du jour” at rather inappropriate moments during the the week (e.g. in bed), because I feel so fabulous in it, I found myself saying: 

I think my new lipstick would look amazing on your cock!” 

Needless to say, I think he could care less about the former and was all-about the latter, and I think the opposite was true for me…however, it did look gorgeous on him (or his)…as well!

3.   Finally, I couldn’t help but notice this gorgeous red shade on her lips…Whether it was the shine, the shade, or the shape of her luscious mouth…I really could not tell you…I only know I stood mesmerized…and only wanted to kiss.

So! I take these seemingly random incidents, string them together, and get this:

Lipstick turns me on.

But, can it get me off?

I did a little research and it seems, yes…it can get me, and YOU, off!

Scanning through my adult sex toy site of choice, Katerina’s Closet, I found a few choice lipsticks that are more “stick” than “lip”…or perhaps they are useful to:


(I can never resist a good word-play)

Anyway, here is what I found…

The Screaming O Studio Collection Lipstick Vibe (click the hyperlinks to go directly to any of these items)

Price: was $33.30, NOW $27.30 (17% off)

This is my first choice and the one I will buy, for several important reasons:

“Chic and discreet, super-powered,multi-function vibrator featuring a sensation focusing flex tip.
-Soft silicone Flex-tip for intense, focused vibrations
-Multi-function motor:

  1. Low Steady-On
  2. Medium Steady-On
  3. High Steady-On
  4. Multi-Pulse Tease mode

-Waterproof, easy to clean design
-80+ minutes of vibration
3 extra AG-13 replacement batteries included.”

I am definitely feeing the flex tip…what brilliance! You know the funny thing is that these are designed to “hide” but I’ll be damned if I won’t be showing this to EVERYONE!

Oh and check-out this one…quite for those times in public when you just MUST to get-off:

“Don’t worry if it’s not your shade – this discreet lipstick vibe is so stylish and sexy, it can easily pass as part of your makeup bag! Choose a speed that’s right for you and let the quiet vibrations take you away. Great for your afternoon commute, bathroom breaks, or solo play at home or in the office. Try it in the shower and everyone will be wondering why you take so long to get ready! Requires 4 LR 44 cell batteries (included).”

W/p Lipstick Vibe Pink

Price: was $14.62, Now $12.99

I also found an aphrodisiac lip balm!

$4.99 Dona Illuminate Lip Balm Pomegranate

Not a clue how it works, but what a great marketing campaign…I wonder what such a wondrous product would bring…or rather WHO?

And for the men…I LOVE THESE…your very own Glow Stroker Pierced Lips for $20.99.

Not only are they green and neon…THEY HAVE A PIERCING!

(Boys have you used on of these “masturbation sleeves”? What are they like? I have to admit I am terribly curious.)

From the perfect shade of orange lipstick, to “painted” blow jobs, to lip obsession, to vibes, to pheromone balm, and finally to a neon green pierced masturbator…this week has been all about my oral fixation…and so I now turn it over to you and your lips, or her lips, or his lips…on this Thrilling Thursday!

Enjoy, xxx c.

2 thoughts on “Thrilling Thursday: Stick Those Lips!

  1. freemanpresson says:

    My dear wife bought me a pink silicone sleeve. She kept it secret until she got a chance to tie me up & blindfold me. That was oustanding! I had no idea what it was. The sensation is hard to describe; it’s somewhere between the feeling of a vagina and a mouth. Having one weilded on me while I was helpless was unforgettable.

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