Wet Wednesday (IV): I Got YOU, CLAMPED-UP!

There was a lot of response to last week’s Wet Wednesday post for Pleasure Cupz, and an overwhelming call for something a bit more, well…


I got you.

This week I take you on a journey into familiar territory (for me)…time for a little lesson in S&M or BDSM, as those in-the-know like to say.

Nipple clamps are essential tools in every dom’s arsenal. Sometimes they are fancy metal contraptions with removable weights, and at other times simple household  items like clothespins get the job done. Truly, the world offers a variety of options when it comes to titty-tweaking, but today I will focus on those considered most humane and sensual.

Let me make one more point…WOMEN & MEN BOTH HAVE NIPPLES…and BOTH can derive pleasure from nipple play! So, boys…sorry, men…do NOT let sexism interfere with reaching your full pleasure potential!

Today I was perusing the the webpages of Katerina’s Closet (hyperlinked here) and came across several titillating options:

For the Fashionista, this is the lovely feather variety…beautiful, but in my experience these never come with secure clamps.

As with most pretty things, they are ALL LOOKS and no action!

For those that need an extra CHARGEelectro-shock may be the way to go.

Although I have to say, unless you are investing in something like the Violet Wand (a true shocker),

products that advertise as “electo” typically will NOT offer you the SHOCK you desire!

I even found something for those who desire a little drool…I tease. Maybe. I did a catalogue shoot for a very similar product and the result, as any of you who have ever had in a ball-gag know, was a slobbery mess…NOT VERY SEXY! Unless a little humiliation is what you enjoy, then by all means…the angle of the clamps actually pulls the “victim’s” head down so that the drool drips onto her/his chest…which is visually quite stunning… (I MUST find that image of me…stay tuned for that funny tidbit. Update: I have inserted the images from that very shoot!).

But the one that wins, for classic styling and an overall solid CLAMP is:

The CLASSIC NIPPLE CLAMP (click link for info)

Regularly Priced at $20, Katerina’s has them listed at just under $18.

They looks a bit silly, I admit, but these little buggers truly offer a solid hold on your nips!

Now for a lil 101 on Nipple Clamping:

  1. Apply carefully and gently to a dry area (I say “area” because these clamps work well on scrotum, if that’s what he begs for.)
  2. Do NOT be fooled by the low level of sensation after the first clamp
  3. WAIT…(tic toc…)
  4. REMOVE the clamp/s and commence…SCREAMING! and MOANING! AND…CUMMING!


#4 reveals the secret of nipple clamps:


And FEEL, you will…all levels of sensation: pain, pleasure, overstimulated, tickled…and for some, this procedure can stimulate ORGASM particularly if you time the removal with climaxing during sex…which can be VERY effective…and I can assure you, MIND BLOWING!

With that I bid you adieu, and hope that adding a little tension to your Wet Wednesday is as pleasing for you, as it has been for me!

xxx, c.

8 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday (IV): I Got YOU, CLAMPED-UP!

  1. pittsburghflashfictiongazette says:

    Thank you, Charly. I’m going to put up the article about your blog today. I think I’ll just stick it to the front page and then every so often I’ll change the photo. PS Talking about photos, is that you with the short dark hair in this article? If it is, these photos would be perfect, too.

    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      Almost ALL of the images in my blog are me…I try to integrate myself as much as I can, the goal of all of this is obviously to write a book about life as a psychologist/swinger/erotic entertainer/clinical researcher/party hostess/erotic model/porn”star”…you might enjoy the ones from the porn I’ve done actually as well as the shabari performances…of course you are more than welcome to using anything you like…the images were made to share!

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